Friday, September 6, 2013

She's Coming To Getcha

What do you care if there's one less tree in a place you've never seen.
What do you care if the children starve in a place you've never been.
You're safe inside your bubble, sanitized and clean.
But when the water's up to your ass it'll be your turn to scream.
Mother's mad, and she's coming to getcha!

Friday Flash 55 at the G-Man's

The partial last verse of a new song.  The chorus:

Can't you hear your mother cry, can't you feel her pain?
Can't you see the river's green and there's acid in the rain?
Can't you see the jig is up and time ain't on your side?
You better get a move on, you better take it to the street
'cause if you don't you're dead for sure, there ain't no retreat.
Where do you think you're gonna run
Where do you think you're gonna hide?
Mother's mad, and she's coming to getcha.


  1. sounds like a cool start to a new song...and hey as long as it doesnt affect us, does it really matter to us? kinda sad eh?

  2. Now you need a guitar accompaniment!

  3. Now you need a guitar accompaniment!

  4. Sounds like a great tune for CCR.
    most creative of posts Mr. C
    Loved your soulful 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for your support,
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  5. Cool song. Love the theme and the cadence.

  6. If Momma ain't happy... well, you know the rest. :o)

  7. I am going to watch doomsday preppers on TV gather my clan about me, dig a shelter and teach them all to go for a head shot.

  8. Mother’s on her way all over the globe, but we can’t pay her attention because we need growth - profits - there are still some resources left in the arctic and antarctic. Let’s go get them. Let’s do some fracking where the scenery is at its most beautiful. Who needs beauty when they can make holes in the earth.

    eggs benedict with a glass of bubbly!
    You can make my breakfast any time.

  9. Very powerful, Mr. C - I love your Friday 55s. Shoulda told you sooner :-)

  10. That is one kick-butt 55, cool songstering.

  11. Very powerful words. Sort of reminds me of "Time's Up," the title track from Living Color's second album.

  12. Love it! Sounds like something Dylan would have sung. Or the guy who sang "Eve of Destruction." (Brain isn't functioning... Barry something, maybe?)

  13. ... a hard lesson to learn - some never do.


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