Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Things Amazing, Others Just Plain Stupid

I don't need to tell you what a weird world we live in, but sometimes I stumble onto things that make me think WTF?, don't these people have anything better to do?  A sampling of Guinness World Records.

In the amazing category, the world's shortest woman, measuring just under 25 inches tall.  Must be a terrifying experience to be so Lilliputian in such a crazy world.

Here she is again with the guy who has the world's largest feet (and I thought it was Shaq).  This guy stands 8'1".  They didn't say how big his feet are.

And here's the world's tallest donkey, who measures 5'1" tall at the back.  Ummm, the woman with him must be about as big as the little gal previous picture.  I notice she's wearing rubber boots.  Could it be this is just a bunch of donkey s..t?

And here's a guy who would make Jimmy Durante jealous.  The man with the world's biggest schnoz.

Or how about this guy, the man with the most elastic mouth.

Just plain stupid, no explanation needed.

The world's longest curtsey.  WTF?  Get a life.

This one takes the cake.  The world's farthest human toss, at 15'11".  Geeez.  What'll those idiots think of next?


  1. dude....i want to ride that tricycle....that woman is so small....seriously some of these records astound me...i watch the show on TV occassionally just to be astounded.

  2. everybody wants to be famous for something.

  3. what a waste of time....those people need to get a life.

    1. Yeah, except for the little gal. Probably her only way to make a living. A modern freak show.

  4. I get chapped lips just looking at the elastic-mouth guy!

    And the guy with the largest feet...I'm wondering if it's true what they say.

  5. They might as well cut to the chase and create a Guinness category for "person with the most spare time on his/her hands."

  6. she was on one of the morning talk shows..


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