Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good For What Ails You

The other day was a pretty good day until I got an email from my boss, the wicked witch of the west, a micro-managing, acid-tongued attorney.  In this case, blasting me over PayPal's reconciliation statements, or lack thereof.  As if I have any frigging control over PayPal.  Anyway, it soured my day right at dinner time, something she excels at. 

Flipping through the TV wasteland looking for anything that wasn't a talking head, I stumbled onto one of my favorite films.  One of those films you like so much you'll stop and watch a little of it any time you come across it.  In this case, it was The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, a great film about a Russian submarine stranded on a sandbar off of a small New England island.  A troop of Russian sailors goes ashore to steal a boat to pull the submarine off of the bar and the fun begins.  

It's a Who's Who of 60's comedy.  Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner, Jonathan Winters, Brian Keith, to name a few.  Lee Marvin has an uncredited role as an nondescript towns person but you have to look closely to catch him.  If you haven't seen it, highly recommend.  A sure cure for the blues.

There are a number of comedies that hold this kind of attraction for me.  It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World is one, so are Young Frankenstein and Blazing Saddles and I can never seem to get enough of Marylin Monroe in Bus Stop or The Seven Year Itch, the film from which my blog title was stolen borrowed.  

Naked Gun and Oh Brother Where Art Thou rank right up there too.

These films always brighten my day whenever I watch them, even a part of them.  I guess Hollywood ain't all bad.   I should probably put together a DVD catalog of them so that I can break one out whenever needed.  Sort of like taking an aspirin.

But then, I guess a large part of the enjoyment is randomly running across them, particularly when it happens at just the right moment.


  1. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
    The Money Pit
    Any 3 Stooges film

    I feel like we were separated at birth.

  2. It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World is my favorite! I roll on my living room floor whenever I catch it on television. Donovan's Reef is another one I will cancel just about everything for when I catch it.

    With all the DVD movies I have at my house I should have long ago added them to my collection.

  3. Diane... the men's room in my local diner is decorated with Three Stooges posters. Over the urinal hangs one that declares: The Windbags, the world's smallest quartet. Flat dumb stupid but makes me laugh every time I see it. I know you can appreciate this.

    BB... me too. The car chase scene with Lester and Sylvester always has me gasping for breath I'm laughing so hard.

  4. Mr. Charleston, I'll read you blog in a minute. I just wanted to say she had me at wild sin.

  5. Blazing Saddles and all of the Marx Brothers.

  6. The films already noted bring a smile to my face. Add in Laurel and Hardy and the one skit "Who's on First" from Abbott and Costello. But of all of them I think I like the Marx Brothers the best.

    My favorite comedy film though is "Dr. Strangelove".

  7. Punch... that's alright. I understand.

    MRM... Yes! Dr. Stangelove. How could I forget. "Mr President, we must not allow a mine shaft gap!" One of my all-time favorites.

  8. Jaysus Mr. C. The movies you mentioned were about the last ones I actually paid for a ticket to go see when they first ran in theaters. Hollywood has always been bad but this time period of these movies was just a little less bad.

  9. How nice is it when a film takes the stress in the world right out of you? I've been so wound up lately there isn't much working for me. Plus I can't seem to command the tv around's either video games or channel flipping.


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