Saturday, June 19, 2010

What Pisses Me Off Beyond Belief Is...

It's already the dog days of summer and summer isn't even here yet. I'm sitting here, staring at an empty screen, knowing I need to publish something and replace the filler that's currently posted, knowing I need to write another story, but nothing comes to mind. And even if it did, I don't think I have the energy to write it.

So, since everything else seems to be in summer reruns, I'm going to repost an article from over a year ago that seems particularly apropos considering the current situation in the Gulf.

As bad and as sick as the tragedy itself makes me feel, what pisses me off beyond belief are the assholes who complain about the money and manpower being wasted on helping the birds and other animals affected by mankind's greed

These people have no concept of a moral obligation to the fellow creatures who share this planet with us and it is they who will ultimately kill it.

Anyway, here it is...

Walk Gently On The Earth

Consider this… each time you step out of your house, something dies.

Each time you take a stroll in your yard or a walk in the park, something is killed or crippled. With each step you take, some small creature’s day goes bad. One second he’s just bopping along minding his own business, and the next… Wham-O! King Kong wipes him out.

Multiply this millions of times over and you should get a pretty good idea of the impact mankind is having on this planet, our home.  Now this post is not about beating you up over your careless and wasteful ways. I am certain all of my readers are earth conscious and aware and are doing what you can, but I do want to dwell a bit on being ever mindful of the consequences of our actions and their effect on the rest of creation.

I have come to understand that at least one law of physics is absolute truth: For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

I believe this law applies to every single thing we do, and even think. It applies to every system or industry we create. But because the reaction to our action is most often invisible to us, we have no idea that it even happened, much less what the effect is and its impact on anyone or anything, near and far.

For example, if you poke your finger into a balloon, it expands in all directions, but you can’t see it.

The economy is no different. A New York trader negotiates a good price on bananas and the result is, some peasant farmer doesn’t make enough money to send his kids to school and, as a result, the children only learn how to pick bananas which produces more product than demand, driving down the price even further and the farmer's family into poverty.

This same principle applies to our everyday lives as well. To some degree or another, everything we do effects someone, or something else, whether we are aware of it or not.

Most primitive cultures knew this well. They knew first hand what the earth gives up for us and thus, the earth became the basis of their spirituality. They paused before slaughtering a calf in appreciation and thankfulness of its sacrifice. They paused before eating to thank the earth for its bounty.

Thanking some sky god for giving us a sterile, shrink-wrapped supermarket "food item" is not the same as getting the blood of the pig you raised on your hands.

Walk gently on the earth dear travelers.


  1. There is an almost religious worship of self above all, going on in this country today.

  2. thanks for this one. it's beautiful


    This is for those who wish to apologize to BP. It's a joke site or maybe it isn't, but it does indicate that we are egocentric and greedy; perhaps BP reflects who we really are. Ouch!

  4. Punch... well said. We are indeed living in the age of entitlement.

    Thanks Kylie. EOR... yep, you can count on me to apologize to BP... with a shotgun.

  5. Mr.C - this post inspired me this morning. I had read something a few days ago about a Souix Chief named Arvol Looking Horse. I'd been thinking about it, and now because of you, I wrote about it.

  6. What pisses me off is that I had the exact same wig as the chick on your header until some stupid dude said "Nice wig" as he passed me in a bar, and so the wig went into the trash.
    I watched a video of Jim Carey today, environmental guy (In Living Color), and somehow, strangely, your post reminds me of that. It's all good.
    Hey, are you a dad? If so, Happy Father's Day.

  7. Pat... glad to be an inspiration for something :)

    Diane... would like to have seen you in that wig. Welcome back, the flicks look great.

  8. A beautiful post. Mr. Charleston, I am beyond belief with sadness, anger, RAGE at this situation in the gulf. I just can't believe it's STILL happening. I read the other day that large groups of species that should not be in the same spaces are gathered together near the coast lines because they have had to flee the spaces they once inhabited. Sharks, marine mammals, fish...all crowded together in small areas. There was a sighting of 10 whale sharks swimming together (normally not like this) near our coast last week. It's tragic on so many levels. It's like earth is bleeding out. And I am beside myself without having a single action I can take to help. Aside from refusing to consume any gas/oil. ...How will I get to work? vacation? It's terrible to see this continuing to unravel, as we sit here dumbfounded and dumb.

  9. I hadn't read this before...but I am glad I did now. I've been absent lately.
    This made me think.

  10. Very well put Gropius. I feel exactly the same way.

    Welcome back JenJen. Come by your place often but don't always leave a comment. My bad.


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