Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Sweetest Hug Ever


  1. Nice.

    I could never understand why T.M.F.K.A.H. stopped wearing his seatbelt after intellikid was born. Does having kids make men feel immortal?


  2. yeah, I wear my seatbelt, but I'm afraid that the airbag would kill me!

  3. Intelli... men think they are in control.

    Bella... i wear mine as well, except sometimes (see above) but, this video struck me on another level, a how important loved ones are sort of thing.

  4. Motor racing history shows that every driver who refused to use the latest device of safety technology, has died due to the lack of that device in a racing mishap.
    Bella...the airbag will not kill you, the steering wheel passing into your frontal lobe should take care of that.
    Intelli...yeah I know guys like that. I just don't like having them drive. I'm straped in a moving car that just tossed the driver out.
    Great video Mr. C.

  5. Mr C
    This scared me.
    I always wear my belt as does everyone in my household.

  6. A beautiful approach to this. Texting while driving is the new seatbeltless here. We have a real problem.

  7. Intell, I am constantly badgering my wife to put that damned thing on. I even have my 13 year old on her ass about it. She's getting better, but I suspect when she's alone she cheats. I am not very happy with that attitude.

  8. I posted that before I was through. Her reasoning for not wanting to wear the belt is, that it wrinkles her clothes. What is it about women after they've had children?

  9. What a fantastic commercial! I don't know, growing up in Canada and never having known a time when seatbelts were optional I just can't fathom why anyone would drive in a car without one. Even with the advent of airbags. They don't protect you from everything.


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