Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Termites: The Promised Land

You know I never was too much for country Told my daddy that hoe don't fit my hand Got nothin' to show for breakin' my back I want bright lights, girls, and Cadillacs Gimme heaven on earth can't wait for the Promised Land Now dad just shook his head in silent wonder Said, son I ain't always worked this land He said, nothin' in this life is free It ain't easy son, just let it be But if you gotta go to take these words with me... You can marry it, you can inherit it, or you can steal it That's the only way you'll become a wealthy man Well now, daddy lives in a single-wide There's a mighty mad woman wants to skin my hide And I'm stuck here doin' time in Birmingham


  1. nice writing, takes a couple of readings. like the header, coulda swoar there 'twas 'nother 'twon yesterdi.

  2. Now wait just a goddamn minute. You was over here this mornin and there was some naked lady up there...now she's got clothes on. My damned blood pressure is a howlin and then you pull the plug. And now there yew go talking bout hoes fitting yer hand. I'l show yu a goddamned hoe. Don't do that agin boy.


  3. Yeah leave the chick up there and let your readers decide which person on the couch has the more noteworthy ass.

    Brother you're too damn funny!


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