Monday, June 22, 2009

Sin - Bearing False Witness

I am constantly amazed at the stuff that people believe. There's enough right wing garbage out there to fill a book in that regard but the other day I ran across something so absurd that I could only stand in slack-jawed amazement that anyone would believe it, much less my sibling, who earnestly reported, with as much disgust as a "Christian" could muster, that that Islamic bastard Obama ordered Not re Dame University to drape every crucifix on campus before he would speak. Jesus H. Christ!! First the guy (my sibling) left a church of which he had been a member for decades because they had ordained a gay bishop, now the sand niggers and Jews have taken over the White House (not too far from the truth actually)(I mean that in a positive sense). The man (Obama) and his family exhibit all of the traits that loving Christians supposedly espouse but they hate the guy with a passion. It's clear to me why Christ won't come back to earth. He would have even less chance than he had before. Glory be. NASA had better get it together and find someplace we can all go to pretty soon or it's all over but the shouting.


  1. I know what to say. God save me from Christians...especially related ones.

  2. Separation of church and state - Any president would be doing the right thing by ensuring no religious artifact was displayed at one of his or her speeches.

    Sadly, there's too many dumbass americans who think that freedom of religion means freedom to accept their particular false god, and no other.


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