Sunday, January 22, 2012

Arrrrggggh! Nine More Months of This?

I don't believe I can stand another nine months of this political campaign nightmare.  Sometimes it's so bad that I have even taken refuge in.... college basketball!!  Another overblown, bloated, "amateur" activity.  Arrrgggh!  Can it get any worse?

But, there is hope on the horizon.  Again, Comedy Central to the rescue.

If your haven't been watching the Colbert Report and its flaying of  campaign finance through Super Pac's, then you are not only missing the best thing since Chris Rock at the Democratic National Convention, but also the single most influential political educational tool reaching and forming the opinions of the youth of the nation.  A portent of things to come.

In a nutshell:  As a ruse, Stephen Colbert tried to form a Political Action Committee to see how difficult it would be.  He found that his parent company, Viacom, opposed it because PACs have to be closely linked with a specific entity, i.e., a corporation, institution, union, etc.  But, a Super PAC has no such limitations as they can receive funds from any source and can spend them as they see fit.  So, Colbert formed his own Super PAC.  When Colbert decided to "explore" the possibility of running for president, he had to dump the Super PAC as they are not allowed to "coordinate" with a specific candidate.  Not wishing to give up all of that wealth and influence, Colbert transferred control of the Super PAC to John Stewart of The Daily Show, promising that they would not "coordinate" in any way.

Colbert's Super PAC is a real, legal entity subject to the same rules and regulations as any other Super PAC, including those of the political candidates and to be sure they stayed within the law, they hired a nationally respected constitutional attorney to advise them.  The comedy skits are in fact a total expose' of the farce campaign reform has become.  Additionally, when Colbert found that he missed the deadline for getting his name on the South Carolina ballot, he decided to raise Cain.  Literally.  He proclaimed that a vote for Herman Cain, who's name was still on the ballot, is a vote for Colbert.  The rest is history.  Don't miss it folks.


  1. Nine more months??? Are you kidding? It only stops long enough after the elections for a couple of weeks of gloating before it all starts again!

  2. Has the plague descended upon Gatorville yet? I'm hoping that by the time the TN primaries roll around in March, another one or two contenders will have dropped by the wayside. Our native politicos can do enough damage on their own, thanks.

  3. Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are the best thing on TV.

  4. Jono... so right
    Intelli... long time no hear. Welcome back. The next debate is at Gatorville U.
    Tom... ditto that

  5. Yes indeed, puke is the name of the game, and it's going to turn to dry heaves before it's over.

    However, Colbert has given me renewed reason to forgo hermitdom (sic) ( death of these asswipes).

    Hang tough, bro!

  6. Mr. Mature, a democrat registered as independent, cast his vote for Cain/Colbert. I, a democrat tickled to be messing around in GOP business due to SC's open primary status, overthought the thing and tried to vote for the anti-Mitt/anti-Newt that was most likely to score third but could never be elected. I think something like 1% of voters here went for Colbert, but an alarmingly few Democrats took advantage of their right to vote yesterday. We'd better get to work to make sure they vote in November.

  7. Mr. Chuck…not to put too fine a point on it but Gatorville is down the road a piece from Baha U.
    Baha U is the first school of higher learning just over the Georgia line.
    Baha State is the second closest higher school to the state line. I know you Georgia boys are all jonesin’ to get over to Baha State College for Women but rules are rules.
    Newt is persona non grata at Baha State U.
    That is why the debate is at Baha U and not in the Swamp, which is another news scoop or two down the road.

    You need to watch that nine month thing with Newt ‘round. Might be a bump out there you don’t know about. Or do you think he had a snip a while back??? Three wives and only one give birth???

  8. I'm glad I like to read. I loathe the mud-slinging, half-truths, and lies of TV's political ads. It didn't use to be like this. To think that the virtual "father" of this sort of nasty politics won in Carolina is unbelievable. Just what this country needs. A lounge lizard candidate.

  9. Risking bodily harm since I have the strange feeling the people I live around her in Redneckistan can tell I do not belong to the local hive mind I went and voted for Cobert/Cain Saturday afternoon.

    Mr. Charleston, I wish you all the luck in the world with the storm you will have to live threw this week.

  10. Why, Mr. C. --- we are once again on the same page! Last time was over F1 I think. My Niners didn't make it to the annual retail rumble but I look forward to it for diversion. Just take long deep breaths, lots of long walks -- think how great you'll look in nine months! R

  11. I studiously avoid commercial radio and don't watch much television, so I don't get quite the overload. And when stuff pisses me off I quit paying attention. Which means I don't have near enough fodder for my blog, which (further) means I have to make it up out of thin air. So far, the stuff I make up, trying for hyperbole, turns out to already be true. Who ARE these clowns?


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