Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vaya con Dios Simon

I'm doing a little house cleaning and un-following a number of blogs that no longer post, or have pissed me off for one reason or another, when I came across one that's been missing for a very long time... Simon's Ramblings.

Early on in my blog career I came across Simon's site (I believe I got it from JadedJ) and began following what was one of the most creative and entertaining blogs I've yet encountered.  Simon, an elderly English gentleman, created a fantasy world filled with lustful innuendos and illegitimate daughters (three of his followers) and included exceptionally well done fictional postcards and letters (presented as photos) from him to and from his past lovers, covering the circumstances of the births of his "illegitimate daughters," and most anything else that crossed his fancy.  All of it was very entertaining and prompted some of the most creative comments dialog I've had the pleasure of participating in.  And best of all, it was done with class.

The point of this is, Simon's been missing for a very long time and his blog has been taken down and I fear the worst.  I have no way of verifying this, but I believe Simon has passed on.  It's the first loss of a blog friend that has touched my heart.

So... turns out this whole thing's been a big mistake.  According to Doug, Simon is alive and well and simply quit blogging.  As dumb as it makes me feel, I'm really happy to learn that.


Mr. C


  1. Oh, he KNOWS. Trust me.

    Damn. From what ya say, I do believe I missed out on sumthin' pretty darn great.

    But, we still have YOU Mr. C...so let's keep it that way, ya hear?

  2. Awh Donna Jean. You ain't so mean after all. You did miss a great one with Simon. Always a knee-slapping laugh, guaranteed.

  3. Simon in not, in fact, dead. He's on Facebook. His profile pic was that of Charles Darwin, and he is in his early 50s. I believe he no longer blogs, but he does comment on some of his friends' posts on FB.

    He is irreverent as ever, Mr. C.

  4. Fantastic Doug! Thanks. I was hoping someone would know something about him. I feel like an idiot, but it was worth it.

  5. That is good to hear he is alive. I've experienced the disappearance of older folk I've known on forums, and it is not a nice feeling.

  6. Well I'll be damned. I too had assumed he was outta here. I truly miss bantering with him. He is definitely a class act.

    Thanks for the info, C.

  7. You are a great friend! I'm still alive too btw. Don't delete me, just having some sort of odd relationship with writing at the moment. I don't wanna and I've got a ton to write about.


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