Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beyond Gauche

This $34 million super-yacht comes with a matching super-car thrown in for free.

The 122ft. yacht, by Swedish boat builder Strand Craft, will cruise at about 60mph and contains a built-in garage for the toy car, an 880hp turbo charged V12 capable of 233mph.  The yacht has only 4 staterooms so the guest list is going to be pretty exclusive.

The boat company says it is only going to build six of them and that 5 people are already interested, all of them in the Middle East.

Remember this every time you fill-up at the gas pump or keep your thermostat a little higher than necessary... because you and I, millions of hungry and homeless, and Mother Earth herself, are paying for it.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of money for that little boat...LOL (you will be happy to learn I never NEVER turn my heat on NEVER!!! My car has not seen a full tank in years either!)

  2. Mr. Chuck and darsden...
    Little??? 122’ One Hundred Twenty Two Feet? Little boat?

    let's see now 3 feet per yard; 3' into 122' round up; 40 yards; just under 1/2 an American Football field. (No Soccer)
    I don't know 'bout where you come from but that is a big boat, pert near, a very small ship.
    Little don't play into it.
    Them Cats 'ey own the oil and we help them earn the money one investor at a time.
    Quit you bitchin' and enjoy the ride. I top my tank off every week.
    I enjoy a nice fire in the living room. Cutting trees every day.
    What the hell are you going to do? Other than live in the cold.
    That is a damn nice boat. Damn nice.
    America is just coming to realize that there really are other countries out there that have it better than we do.
    Thank you Fox News for keeping the American chump out of the loop.
    George Bush holds hands with these Men. IN public.
    Was he drunk??? or just lubed up.
    Momma Grizzlies buddy up on these rides.

    Hey just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  3. Punch... You are. Wrong that is. But I have to agree, it is a damned nice boat even if it is gauche.

  4. What a waste of money!. That being said, I'd drive that car and ride on that yacht in a second if given the chance. The boat especially is badass. Still a waste but if it's already out there....;)

  5. The thermo hasn't been above 62 degrees in years. Haven't paid more than the bare minimum for city water in decades. We reuse until there is no more use for something and then use it one final time for whatever we can think of. Never have more than two kitchen bags of garbage go out in the trash every two weeks. and except for a bit of self satisfaction and being chilled to the bone and the metal implanted there--seriously what good has it done. One minute worth of shit coming from one smokestack wipes out all the wife and I do, do.

    Nice boat but who the hell needs the grief of a thirty five million dollar piece of crap that will break just as easily as a $500 beater. Let them who want it have it. Then they know they will always have an escape pod out to sea.

  6. Punch appears to be very worked up. I say that even Batman would be annoyed by these...toys...for someone who has waaaay too much money.

  7. WM... At least we have the satisfaction of knowing it produces jobs for some craftsmen, somewhere. You are so right about your "carbon footprint". It's like everything else, the masses take it in the ass so the rich can live the high life.

    Yes Gropie, Punch stays worked up most of the time. Trouble is, you never know which side he will come down on even though I tell him over and over... keep it between the ditches, shiny side up.

  8. 'middle of the road, All of the usable surface between the ditches, which are out of bounds'

    Like you said 'over and over and then land with the shiny side up between the ditches. And I do.
    Scuffed a bit at times, but up.
    Ya know like good Scotch.

  9. The closest I can get to that is a bicycle in a row boat.

  10. I love you for posting this. From an artist's eye, the boat/car is cool as hell. From a mother's eye, the creators should go to .....ahem.

  11. Punch.. lol, great analogy.

    Tex... another lol. me too

    Diane... my feelings exactly, except for the mother part.


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