Thursday, October 7, 2010

Is There Such Thing As Too Much Freedom?

Last week the non-profit I work for was burglarized.  The thieves broke into a steel shipping container and stole about $10,000 worth of power equipment used for grounds maintenance.  Since there was no sign of the padlock, the police assume it was done by someone who knew the combination as people who cut a lock usually leave the pieces on the ground.

Anyway, it's fallen on me to figure out how to secure the container so I went to the local lock smith to research fool-proof pad locks.  They suggested several to me, including some costing as much as $100 with registered keys that can only be duplicated by the lock smith who sold the lock.  I have to say that this lock, called a hidden shackle, or hockey puck, looked pretty darned impregnable.  Trouble is, none of those locks will fit a container hasp.

The next best thing was a super heavy disc lock made in Germany similar to the kind they sell at mini-storage joints only much heavier and with a drill proof keyway.  This lock costs about $60 and it appeared to be the one.  I was composing an email to the officers of the organization suggesting this as the one when I went online to find a picture so they could see what it looked like.

This is what I found.  Take a minute to look at this, it will definately be worth your time.

When I saw this I thought, holy crap, what good is this thing.  Then this video lead me to several more including this one.

A simple search turned up dozens of such videos that basically give you complete instructions on breaking and entering.  It also illustrates how really insecure we all are.  With a thing called a "bump key" anyone can enter your home in a matter of seconds.  No ordinary house lock even slows these guys down.

I'm afraid to Google how to make a bomb.



  1. You SHOULD be a afraid to google how to make a bomb, you'll immediately wind up on a terrorist watch list.
    Isn't it strange that videos that tell people what's going on with the government get pulled down right away, but videos that instill fear into the people are left up? hmmmm.

  2. You said it Diane. My brother was just telling me about a time right after 9/11 when he went fishing near the port terminal only to have a navy patrol boat with a machine gun trained on him tell him to leave. A fat man in a jon boat with a fishing pole. Dead ringer for a terrorist.

  3. Diane is absolutely right on. You don't want to Google that...and many other how-to things.

    As to insecurity, the fact is, a professional burglar can get into any structure he/she wants to get in. And there's not a damned thing we can do about it. I do agree, though. Far too much info on the web that shouldn't be there. The problem is, who is going to decide what should be there. Therein lies the dilemma.

    A thinker post, C.

  4. Incidentally...I just the other day watched a film entitled, Street Thief. It is apropos to this post, for sure. Check it out at Netflix, if you are a member.

  5. What worries me JJ is that it isn't only "professional" thieves any longer. Now, anybody can do it and there's a sit load of anybodys around who will trash you house just for the meanness of it.

    I'll check out the film.

  6. I believe that most people are good, and wouldn't think this stuff up. There are some awful people out there, thank god most of them don't have computer skills.

  7. If they get through the chain and Master Lock on the front gate and then the cable and Craftsmen lock on the second gate to the back yard then they will have to deal with the Abus Disk on the garage. But long before they get that far they will have to deal with me.

  8. Sounds about like me WM. Insured by Smith & Wesson.

  9. Everytime I hear about something like this happening at a nonprofit (okay, ANYWHERE), it just makes me want to hurl. Unfortunately, it says a lot about how far we haven't come as a population to know that these things are so prevalent. Karma will win in the end.

  10. You know, that really sucks, but it isn't surprising. A non for profit dance studio got burgularized here because it was next to one of those Paycheck Cash places. The morons thought they could go through the studio to get to the cash place.

    I tried to email you. My new blog is

  11. You're right about the maroons. Unfortunately, it appears you only have to be as bright as a maroon to pick a lock.

    Been to your new place. Like it. I'll be back.


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