Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're all too smart for this.... Aren't we?

I know this video is way too long for blog standards, but... it's well done and if you take the time to view it I believe you will find it worthwhile.


  1. Ok, ok,
    Bad news, it's too long
    Good news, it's too long.

  2. Having watched to the end, it looks to me like a piece of anti-Obama propaganda. The point about branding is valid, but the video is structured so that it ends by calling Obama a narcissistic socialist Nazi.

    I don't doubt that Obama - or any other politician for that matter - is a narcissist. But this guy goes out of his way to bring in Hitler, albeit without the Nazi logo, which was bullshit. He says that Obama is the first and only president to tie policies to personality, but any number of policies have been tied to the Personality of Ronald Reagan.

    Rather than the Obama logo being a unique political phenomenon that can only be compared to two genocidal maniacs' - it's simply another example of Madison Avenue's tired old technique. The video does provide a thorough and provocative discussion of Obama's graphics, and the question of why Obama doesn't use the presidential seal as his logo more often is intriguing.

    In the end, however, this guy is just Glenn Beck without the histrionics.

  3. Punch... nothing can be done to help the attention span impaired.

    Pat... strange, I didn't read it that way at all. It seems a pretty straight forward analysis of iconography to me. How they can be used for and against you. Same old Madison Ave. BS, for sure, but what these days isn't?

  4. Mr. C...I had already seen this. In complete agree with Tricia...and Punch.

  5. I watched it all he way through.
    What else was I supposed to do?

  6. Punch... Well how was I to know you watched it all the way through? Your comment sounded like a blow-off.

    Speaking of blow-offs, JJ, I watched it again with a more critical eye and I suppose you are right. I guess they fooled me with the put-down of W's and the Republican party's logo. But, even so, it doesn't change the fact that Obama's campaign was a slickly run Madison Ave. sales pitch and not the down home, home of Abe Lincoln effort it was posed as. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in O's corner but I've got to say I'm disappointed in some of the moves he's made, like supporting offshore drilling and caving in on health care.

  7. Mr C - It is a great look at the Obama brand, and I once they mentioned it - I think it might have helped to put the presidential seal on a few of those policies - like health care reform - that barely got out of the chute before being compromised into non-existence.

    It's just that I'm suspicious of traps. I spent my youth avoiding Bible Thumping Baptists who would steal your wallet on their way to church.

  8. Pat... LOL, I guess I never had to avoid the bible thumpers looking for money since I never had any, and surely looked the part.

  9. Mr. Charleston, I'm pretty disappointed in O too. Loved him during the campaign but am feeling less happy and trusting now. The commentary here was fascinating on one hand--I truly never thought about the iconography that way. You can't criminalize someone for good branding. Hell, his campaign leaders were smart as all get out. His argument started dwindling toward the end for me, but I actually think I might agree with the philosophy of using the Presidential seal instead of the campaign logo. It makes it less in-your-face, more bridge building, and makes it more about good policy rather than about a person. Sadly, I loved O more than any politician but now, I'm back to my original cynicism. Convert me back, with or without that logo, Obama!

  10. I liked the LOL. They use to teach us in school how bad Russia was because there was only one candidate to vote for for president. We only have two, one sang bomb Iran, the other is fixing to do it. Obama is just a puppet, McCain would have been just a puppet. We need at least a ten party system. I'm surprised someone hasn't made a sphincter out of the O, to me that would be very accurate.


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