Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally, Proof - There Is No God

Some time ago I did a post on the arrogance of science wherein I stated that I thought the world's great religions should be taught in school.  It turned out that the great majority of you agreed with me but it sure stirred up the radical fringe, much to my delight.  So much so in fact, that I decided to submit the article to our local tabloid which indeed, published it.

The other day I got this unsigned, unmarked letter in the mail.  (click on them to enlarge)

Ok, now I'm convinced.  You can't argue with such eloquent logic and unassailable truth.

The fact that I clearly stated the article that I am not a Creationist seems lost on these guys.  It seems the very word "creation" triggers some uncontrollable reaction in them.  Sort of like Pavlov's dogs.

Oh well, to para-phrase Mark Twain, Evolution as taught in school is actually backwards. Man came before the ape.  God created the ape because he was so disappointed in man.


  1. Oh good grief--that letter is, ah, very...interesting. This "either/or" business about the beginning of earth and life is so amusing to me.

  2. Well it's good to know that are just as many idiotic atheists as their are religious zealots. Why do people have to take such a hard line position either way? Somethings are just unexplainable no matter what you believe and just about everything is left to personal interpretation.

    I will say this, the blindly faithful by and large always seem like happier people and tend to be more optimistic. Whether it's bullshit or not, if it makes a person feel good to believe in "fables", I don't begrudge.

  3. What am I if I believe in creation and "divine" logic as the motivation for the creation of the cosmos and I believe in the big bang and the billions of years of evolution of the cosmos?

    I guess any answer but confused is cool because it all, both bible (all of the sacred texts for that matter) and evolution compliment and easily and logically walk together,

  4. Gropius... Good Grief says it all.

    Heidi... Bingo on the happiness part. The happiest, most loving people I've met throughout my life are usually simple, church-going, family types.

    WM... I'm with you bro. I could never figure out why so many people can't reconcile creation and evolution. It seems simple to me.

  5. I could tell this guy really knew his stuff when he said "The sperm was dove shit."
    Yep, that statement said it all.
    Now I'm having flashbacks to my days working on the mental ward.


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