Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Viet Nam - What the hell was it all about?

Article in today’s NY Times:

PHAN THIET, Vietnam — It may be the most capitalist enterprise in Communist Vietnam — by the rich and for the rich: a proliferation of golf courses that is displacing thousands of farmers and devouring the rice fields the country depends on.

The Dai Lai golf course drove thousands off their farmland

Until last year, according to experts who have done the calculations, licenses for new courses were being issued at an average of one a week, for a total of more than 140 projects around the country.

Promoters created the idea of a “Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail,” a series of eight courses whose label is as good a sign as any of where Vietnam seems to be headed — its heroic wartime past redefined as a sales pitch. 2,000,000+ Vietnamese civilians killed 1,100,000 N. Vietnamese soldiers killed 184,000 S. Vietnamese soldiers killed

If all those projects were completed, the number of courses would approach that of golf-mad South Korea, where there are close to 200. It would still fall well short of China, which has more than 300, and would be nowhere near the number in the United States, which has about 16,000 courses, or even Florida, with 1,260.

2,984,000 Americans served in Viet Nam. 58,156 Americans killed 303,724 Americans wounded 75,000 Americans severely disabled

“Developers and foreign investors are saying they want to make the country a tourist destination, and to do that you need to offer more amenities like golf,” said Kurt Greve, the American general manager of the Ocean Dunes Golf Club and the Dalat Palace Golf Club. Most of those tourists would come from elsewhere in Asia, especially South Korea and Japan, where golf courses are hugely overcrowded.

500+/- Vietnamese civilians murdered by US forces in My Lie massacre.

Many of the new projects seem to have to do more with capitalism than with sport. Taxes on golf courses are lower than those on other forms of development, and many of the projects appear to be disguised real estate ventures.

“Golf courses are for rich people, account for vast areas of land, cause pollution and affect food security, so taxes should be appropriately high,” he told the newspaper Tuoi Tre in July.

And when rich people play, it appears that farmers and villagers pay the price.

It would seem that when the rich people play... we all pay.


  1. I can't imagine losing my home for a golf course. Unbelievable.

  2. I might need to read this again, because I can't really believe my eyes...

  3. Wow, that's pretty frickin' sad man. Nice bloggage though. Tip O' the hat to ya.

  4. Charlie may not surf but he has a decent handicap, it seems.

    Sobering and insightful. Funny the way 'progress' is sometimes spelt, isn't it?

  5. It appears only the people in Vietnam are communists, the leadership is hardcore capitalist, with a good swing.

  6. Proof, yet again, that war accomplishes nothing and that money rules the world.

  7. those are disturbing images, Mr. C, what a waste of lives that war was, and for what?

    ...and now they wanta make golf courses out of the place? that's f**ked up.

    money talks.

  8. whores and thieves,
    that's all we have
    in world leadership
    They are either stealin' it
    from the whores or
    whorein' it from the thieves.

    Fuck 'em all and
    the horses they rode in upon.

  9. I am not even sure I want to comment on this. I have been ill...and this is making me sicker. Fuck. Seriously, what the fuck.

    Maybe I'll come back later and make a more un-emotional comment. Fuck.

    termis is the word...which is how I have felt the last 5 days...termis.

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  12. I hope they miss some of the thousands of unexploded ordnance when they develop the villages and paddies. I think it would be a fitting bang up of a send off for some of the new rich swingers.

  13. Hmmm...walking man's comment is Evil, and I concur 100%.

  14. WM... Gives a whole new meaning to sand trap or ruff.

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