Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boogie Woogie

Here's a video that's making the email rounds. I know you'll be shanking a leg like me. (If the embeded video doesn't work, here's the link.


  1. That was definitely some fancy footwork! Glad to see ya back! by the way, hope you stop by my new music blog...

    Let The Music Play On~

  2. Bring back memories does it C? (you knew somebody had to say it)

  3. I'll see you.
    And I'll raise you. (no pun)
    Will Bradley, this is the cat that Ray Charles listened to as a child.

    Yes sir, beat me daddy,
    eight to the bar

  4. Bella... I'll be by soon as possible.

    JJ... Yes, you found me out. That's actually me in my younger years. Pretty cool huh?

    Punch... It's funny you selected that particular video. When I was looking for the Youtube video I posted, I came across that one and almost posted it too. Yeah buddy, I do love boogie.

  5. I saw where you came by, glad you liked the place. Maybe you'd like to do a guest post sometime, that would be kewl! I found the template online at one of these template sites, it was originally a WordPress template. I don't think they offer it anymore, have you ever seen it? I had it in a zip file and its an ajax format or something; its gonna take time to tweak, know anything about such stuff? I notice the pull thingy won't pull back up, like it should...and I'd like a link option. You can't use the regular blogger widgets with this particular format.

    Anyway, if you have any suggestions on how to tweak, or you'd like to be a guest blogger of a post, anytime is fine. I loved it if we could all have a music blog party, that'd be fun!

  6. Well that was totally amazing. The guy on piano can sure play boogie and those dancers. I've never seen better. Great video.

  7. Mr. C...If your legs ever moved like that then you were/are a hell of an athlete.

  8. Bella... Took me forever to tweak the HTML code for this site, background graphic and all, so I guess I'll pass on that. But I do like your site. Would love to be a guest blogger sometime, don't know how that's done, but also have to say that it's often an effort for me to keep this one up-to-date and I'm not sure I can take on another one.

    Peach... That clip was from the International Boogie Competition in Switzerland, of all places. Don't know how me managed to let the Swiss steal our dance from us.

  9. All you have to do is write whatcha want, tell the video ya want or give me the URL to go fetch it, ship it to me in an email, and poof! that's all...We'll have a guest post by Mr. Charleston!

  10. BTW C, I had seen this somewhere and I think it's fantastic. Love that boogie woogie. Always have. Didn't mean to make light of the post. Thanks for Posting it.


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