Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Can't Make This Shit Up ... #3

Nepal Hit By Severe Goat Shortage! reports the BBC. The authorities in Nepal have ordered officials to find more goats for ritual slaughter ahead of the country's biggest religious festival of the year.

Officials say that there is a severe shortage of goats to offer as sacrifice in the capital Kathmandu.

The reason for the shortage is unclear, but experts say it is mostly due to demand outstripping supply.

They say that it may be because China has this year exported fewer goats to Nepal, resulting in far higher prices.

The Nepal Food Corporation has now ordered officials to travel to the countryside and buy goats to be brought to Kathmandu ahead of the festival of Dashain on 19 September.

Goats are traditionally slaughtered during the 15-day event to appease Durga, an important Hindu goddess. Isn't Nepal one of those spiritually enlightened countries we're supposed to admire and feel sorry for?


  1. OK, you made this shit up, didn't you?

  2. Let there be no more question as to why I shun ALL of the frameworks of ALL religions.

  3. Hindu smindu...Where the hell is Nepal? LOL...furthermore sacrificing any animal is just wong.

    Yes, I know I spelled wong wrong...shi*t...

  4. Peach... I believe that's about all any of us can do. Although I seem to be doing a lot more of it lately.

    JJ... You're right. It was Yaks.

    WM... The key word here is "frameworks". I'm with you bro. It's like... it isn't Jesus I mind. It's his followers. Hey! Is Jesus a blogger?

    Bella... as in wong hung lo? Anyway, you got shit right.

  5. something like that...I'm just gonna play my rock and roll loud! I'm surprised you can't hear it all the way over here! LOL

  6. jesus f#()%*g Chri$t!!!!!

    It's a LAMB for Chri$t F*()&^g Sake.

    the LAMB the
    lamb of god, not
    the GOAT!!!! god
    took the goats away for a
    lesson in the loving
    nature blah, blah, blah,
    i666S the foX new$$ near,

  7. Godalmightydamn Punch! You're right, the goat was Pan. You need to git yur ass over there and straighten them goat fuckers out. Take Bella with you. A little rock n roll will do them good.

  8. Is it safe to travel with somebody called "Punch?" for Christ'Sakes and save the lambs!

  9. No, Bella, it definitely is not safe to travel with Punch or have much of anything else to do with him for that matter, but.... Safe Ain't Fun!


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