Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dr. J.H. Christ, SOG

One of the ways I spend some time with my 90-year old mother is to take her to church on Sunday mornings. It’s a little Episcopal church whose original congregation has now dwindled down to about 25-30 folks my mother’s age. The church has been taken over by an Hispanic group who, although still Episcopalian, are closer to Pentecostals, complete with karaoke electronic music, hand waving, dancing girls and salsa arrangements of the mother church’s sacred hymnal. All of this to the great dismay of the blue hair set.

Now the Hispanics are wonderful people and in a show of respect for my mom’s generation they have two Sunday services, an earlier, more traditional one in English for the old folks and a full blown Spanish language hootenanny a little later on. The same, Hispanic, preacher serves both congregations and there’s enough spill-over of the music and hand waving to make the whole scene entertaining. Combined with some good preaching, it’s a Sunday morning well spent.

Which brings me to the subject of this tome; Dr. Jesus H. Christ, SOG (Son Of God) the healer. At today's service, a part of the Gospel went like this:

And a large crowd followed him and pressed in on him. Now there was a woman who had been suffering from hemorrhages for twelve years. She had endured much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had; and she was no better, but rather grew worse. She heard about Jesus, and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, for she sad, “If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.” Immediately her hemorrhage stopped; and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease.

Immediately aware that power had gone forth from him, Jesus turned about in the crowd and said, “Who touched my clothes?”…

Now it goes on from there into another statement from Jesus, the one that spawned faith healing, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace; and be healed of your disease.” But that’s not where I want to go tonight. I want to explore the first element, where Jesus was aware that power had gone forth from him.

Back in the old days, when I was in college, I read something about Jesus the physician that explained many of his medical miracles as good doctoring. The story at the time was ( I have no idea of the truthfulness of this.) that there were three letters from one of the apostles that dealt with all of Jesus’ miracles and that two of the letters were locked up in the Vatican, but the other surfaced in Constantinople and bits and pieces of it have been leaked over the centuries.

I can only remember one example, but it goes something like this:

There was a village where many of its citizens were beset by the devil. The devil dwelled inside of them and was making them ill. Jesus came to town and ordered everyone to fast for x days. When everyone was on the verge of starving, he ordered bowls of goats milk placed in the sun so by the end of the day it was fermented to high heaven. He ordered the afflicted to get down on their hands and knees and inhale the aroma from the milk. Do not drink it. Inhale it only.

It was reported that after a time, the devil began to emerge from the mouths of the afflicted and Jesus grabbed the devil by his head and bashed it against a rock killing him. He would then pull the devil out of the victims body and cast it away.

The interpretation is that the people had tape worms, and by starving the worms they could be enticed by the smell of the milk to abandon their hosts and thusly, be pulled out and killed.

Now there’s an entirely different vision of Jesus the healer, the one alluded to in the story above.

At some point I became interested in Theosophy. Theosophy is a “religious” philosophy created by the Rosicrucian Society (which is a whole other story). It is heavily influenced by Hindu. Theosophists look at Jesus as a "Regulator", one of several who have walked the earth. The Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, etc.

Regulators come to earth to straighten things out. Some do it simply by the example of their being. Some have the ability to actually rearrange bodily molecules by the power of their energy. A Regulator has so much positive energy that it is palpable and you can feel it in their presence. People can generate this energy too, but not nearly on the scale of a Regulator.

If a Regulator touches you, all of your systems, all the little molecules that make up your body, they would assume their proper place and function and whatever your ailments and afflictions are, they would be gone. You would be healed.

Now, I might think this was all a bunch of hooey if I hadn’t myself experienced such energy, albeit on a much lower level. But still, it was palpable energy.

I was once invited into an inner prayer circle at a Buddhist monastery. There were several monks and the guru. There was no mistaking the positive energy in that room. I don’t think I have ever been more at peace. Without a sound, the energy of the Monks immediately brought me to a serene calmness and clarity. It was a “cosmic” harmony. A harmony with “being.”

If one can imagine that everything we know of is nothing more than density of energy… from air, to water, to rock, to us… simply different densities of enery (it may help to think of gas instead of energy)… then you can imagine how those little vibrating molecules can be moved around like a magnet moves around the tiny metal shavings in an Etch-A-Sketch. If you can imagine that, then it’s not too difficult to take the next step and imagine a healer. A Regulator. Someone, or something, that can literally move around the little electrically charged particles that make up your body so that every one of them is in its proper place and function. Sort of a super tune-up.

Now, let’s take one more step. If you can imagine this all encompassing, permeating energy, then you have the basis of String Theory.

If you have the basis of String Theory then you have the basis for cosmic order and… you have the basis of a "Prime Mover", or… Intelligent Design.


  1. You had me up till that Intelligent Design thingie. I would call it more like an Intelligent What Fresh Hell is this?

  2. Tzadikim Nistarim A Hebrew understanding of the same theorem.

  3. I am fascinated by but still trying to wrap my brain around the string theory.

  4. Brother Punch... The Term Intelligent Design was used by philosophers long before the religious right got hold of it. I think it's a beautiful concept and I'll be damned if I'm going to let those bastards steal it from us.

    Walking Man... Great information. I'll see if I can lay my hands on some of his stuff.

    Peach... Getting your brain around this stuff ain't easy. Even after having minored in philosophy I still couldn't get my brain around it until my experience with the monks. There's a book, The Elegant Universe, that explains String Theory but it's written by a physicist and a bitch of a read. The String Theory is supposed to reconcile the differences between Relativity and Thermo Dynamics. Basically, the same laws that govern the super big... the universe, etc. don't apply to the super small... sub-atomic particles, etc. String Theory theorizes that tinier than you can imagine electrically charged "strings" hold the whole thing together and, therefore, bridge the gap. Basically the same thing the Theosophists claimed over a century ago.

    It's so much easier to imagine it, accept it on faith... which most of the world does... and enjoy the beauty of it. The concept that it's possible to be "put right" with a touch is beautiful, and as an artist, I prefer to dwell there. Clearly, the creators of Star Trek agree.

  5. Peach, had a brain cramp... Quantum Physics, not Thermo Dynamics. I know this makes it far more easy to understand.

    Fuck it. It's tini time.

  6. Tzadikim Nistarim is not a him more like a them.
    Intelligent Design holds no attraction for me, because it precludes a plan,etc. What if this beautiful universe we live through is all random events and we get to bath in the joy or quake in the fear. OR Not.

  7. I'm totally into theories like this; if you research it even a tiny bit and reflect on it, it makes total sense. If i were any certain religion it would be more agnostic - which is Jesus the enlightened and the subjects of enlightenment, karma and reincarnation - that used to be in the bible - or that's what i hear. But you probably already know this:) and more. Very good post!!

  8. PS - I think i got the name wrong when i said agnostic - in checking it out, agnostics don't believe or disbelieve. I defintely believe, just not the way most churches do. SG46 (This was my SHOULD'NT USE WORDS I DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF YET disclaimer) LOL

  9. Mr.'s not a him but rather 36 people who live on the face of the earth who prevent the complete and utter destruction of the planet by God. Not immortals but 36 who when one dies is replaced by another.

  10. Brother Punch... It's true, the universe could be, and from all indication is, completely random, kill or be killed. However, there is also a complete symmetry and elegant clockwork order to it. Occupy whichever universe you choose. I choose the later. It isn't nearly as stressful.

    Survey Girl... Glad to have you as a reader and thanks for the feedback. I really like your humor with Mr. Condescending. Good stuff. Like you, I like the feel of the Theosophical solution myself but I don't know that I totally buy it (see answer to Punch above). The older you get, the more cruelty you're exposed to, the more likely you end up a cynical old curmudgeon like Brother Punch. I think I'm more of a Taoist.

    Walking Man and Punch... How did I miss this Tzadikim Nistarim thing? An interesting idea but raises a bunch of questions. So there are three dozen Jews on earth that are protecting us from God? I suppose that would be the wrathful, vengeful, Jewish God of the Old Testament? And if they're here to bring peace on earth they're doing a pretty shitty job of it, particularly as pertains to their own people.

    Pretty scary and way too close to the Supreme Leaders of the Muslim faith who tell us how to live, think and wipe our ass.

    This subject gives me a headache. I thought I was done with it years ago, but somehow it keeps creeping back into my consciousness.

  11. cynical old curmudgeon,

    MY ASS!!
    You a Taoist, yeah right,

    next thing out of your mouth will be that Elvis ain't dead. He's just caught up in some string theory of a cat's cradle.

  12. So I come here for wiseassness and I get...philosophy. This is what I get for arriving late. Punch steals my thunder, and you accuse him of being a cynical old curmudgeon...which he is...which I wanted to call him (if I had thought of it)...and then banter back and forth. Admittedly this is not my blog and I need to address the post, not personalities. Sorry.

    Up front C, this is a thinker post, and it is well thunk out, methinks. There I got it out of my system. Really, great post. I can't do thinker posts...they wear my old ass out...and besides, I have children.

    My ten cents (inflation):
    My conclusion regards all of the religious crap that I've had crammed into my tiny cranium over the years one, that is no human, has a clue. Be they Bhuddist, Christian, Muslin, or Tom Cruise. They profess to, but they don't. The bible is an interesting piece of literature, but it is not divine. No matter how many times it is proclaimed to is not. Simply saying it repeatedly does not make it so. And I think old Jesus liked his vino, and ladies of the night no less than we.

    Intelligent design...I'm with Punch on that one. Well, except there is the birth of my children, which would not have happened if...I had taken other roads before meeting my wife...and...hmmmm. OK, I'm shaky on that one.

    Jesus as a healer, that is, doctor. As good a guess as any. Divine? No more so than any of the rest of us. An aside: I recall reading one theory that his missing years were spent in India studying with gurus and such. To me that would explain many things. Of course that, as are all theories and stories of Jesus, is conjecture.

    You are obviously trying to deal with why we are here. And is there a plan. And does God love us (you)...all that put it in more earthly terms. I'm thinking we will find out when we leave this plane. Possibly we are all electromagnetic energy, solidified in this dimension...who the fuck knows. Or, there is a great blackness out there. In which's all bullshit.

    Jesus, et al. It really doesn't matter whether Jesus was Jose, Irving, or Sal the pawn broker, and I am damned sure there are not 21 virgins awaiting anyone on the other side, nor is my wife going to hell because her male co-workers know she has big teats (they're hard to miss). And has anyone else noticed that Bhudda is obese? What's the fuck is that about? Which brings me to cows, of the Indian (as in Inja) type. Sorry...cows stink, and piss in the River Ganges...where the believers wash their clothes...and babies...and crotches. See? It's all designed to keep the masses in check.

    I am convinced that we try to make it all far too complicated, and that really all we have to do is...the right thing (Spike Lee notwithstanding).

    Don't hate me for my insights and handsomeness. I am but mortal, believe it or not, ye unwashed.

  13. Holy fucking mother of christ!! I said this shit gives me a headache. What else do you want?

    After these last two posts I am now convinced, if I wasn't before, that there is absolutely no such thing as Intelligence, I mean, Intelligent Design. No... wait a minute... it's coming to me now... I can hear it... a lilting little melody.... "Always look on the bright side of life"... That's it, a Child of the Light. That's me. From now on it's the straight and narrow. No more of this philosophical crap. I'm sticking to drugs, sex and rock 'n roll.

  14. Well hell, you inspired me to do a thunk piece, the middle of which I was in, when your email notification thing notified me that you have made a comment in regard to the other comments...whew.

    Have ye no faith in your postiness?

    I have to tell you, this shit is major fucking up my spider solitaire game.

    When do we get to the sex part? Fuck the drugs, I have a very large bottle of bulk Merlot...from Costco...and I don't need no stinkin drugs.

  15. The Tzadik are not Jews but rather them beloved by God enough to not willfully destroy the rest of us.

    The whole religion thing is widely wrong as practiced no matter what name you hang on it.

    The end result of knowledge of God is to become:




    That is not an attribute learned through rote repetition of ritual but an experience of growth through the means and framework of our individual understanding. In this case let us say true religion is diligence to the discovery of truth as truth knows itself to be not as we try to define it.

  16. Well put Walking Man. I can see I've got a little research to do with the Tzadikim Nistarim.

    The fly in the ointment with "truth" versus what we perceive as truth is, obviously, how will you know when you find it? Supposedly it will be so overwhelming that you can't help but know it. Or, you can only find it in another life.

    And then there's St. Thomas Aquinas' definition of God... A being greater than that which man can imagine.

    Eventually is all falls back to faith. Faith in whatever your comfort zone allows.

  17. funny thing about truth is it has no feeling about your feeling about it...finding it or not, recognizing it or not. It just is what it is.


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