Sunday, May 25, 2014

One of those "gotta do something" kind of posts

It was so easy to be absent.  To be in a place where I didn't think about "maintaining" a blog.  But now that I have begun to post again, I again find that one begets another until one sits in front of me for so long that it begins nagging me for attention.

So, here I sit, keyboard in hand, without a damned thing to say.  Oh, I've run across some interesting things over the past few days but none of them cried out to be shared with the world or, if they did, they were shared on Facebook which seems to be my communication of preference lately.  It didn't begin that way.  It began with the entirely practical way of communicating with fellow musicians whilst constructing a St. Patrick's Day performance across three states.

We could create a "group" and message each other everything from lyrics, chords and set lists to audio file links.  What a tremendously useful tool.  But now that the gig is over it has become a way to keep in touch with friends and happenings and what they had for breakfast, political opinions, lost dogs, right here, right now, family photos and God knows what other useless information.

So the blog languishes.  It isn't "immediate" enough.  It doesn't communicate with personal friends but with friends flung far and wide, most of whom I will never meet.  But still, it beckons, the last stale post staring out at me.  Shaming me.  So here I am blathering about nothing.

But, before you start off on your own rant about Facebook let me hasten to say that, were it not for Facebook, I wouldn't have known about or attended one of the most magical events of my recent life, a house concert in Palm Valley, Florida with Mamajowali.  Soft Florida summer night, palm trees, Live oaks, Spanish moss, full moon, wonderful people and vibes and music that put a smile on my face for weeks.

Yeah, I think life is good.

That's me in the blue shirt jamming with friends and the great Joe Craven (in the hat).


  1. I haven't been posting or even reading much here lately, either, but this made me smile. Glad life is doing good by you, Mr. C!

  2. its all good in moderation...and glad that you were able to attend that event...
    i got off FB a couple years ago...nasty stalker business...but i feel you...
    i slowed down a bit the last little because of end of school year stuff...
    and you have to follow your passions as well...

  3. It goes in waves. I try to post a couple of times a week but sometimes life gets too busy or too complacent or too...something. anyway, I enjoyed your ramble about nothing.

  4. Glad you had such a good time but your blog posts have been missed. So I hope you will throw the dog a bone once in awhile.

  5. What Ellen said...stuff, life, all goes in waves. The song by The Byrds comes to mind. A time for Facebook, a time to blog, a time to make music, a time to rest... :-)

    And if this were Facebook, I'd "like" the YouTube clip!

  6. See, I'm so distracted that I can't even reply to comments on time. Time to shape up or ship out.

  7. I just have been doing the Monday and Friday posts...haven't been doing West post even though there is lots going on...I need someone to kick me in the ass..

  8. Sounds like a great time. And I like when you blather ;). Thanks for stopping by.


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