Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Wish I Had A Tail

The moving is over and every bone in my body aches, including the one in my head.  I'm sitting enjoying a morning cup of coffee and watching a cat cross the yard, tail in the air, with just a little curve at the very tip.
He stops, preens, then stands and stretches, tail again rising to attention and vibrating.

I am envious.  I can just imagine how good it must feel to your back to be able to work out all of the kinks with your tail.  Or, better yet, to be able to hang from your tail like a monkey.  You never see a monkey at the chiropractor's.

I wish I had a tail.


  1. We actually DO have a tail, but it disappears long before we are born. We also have gills at that time. Maybe time to see a strong masseuse.

  2. What Jono said.

    Consider yourself lucky to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee. After my last move, I had to dig through six boxes marked "misc. kitch. stuff" to find the coffee maker. However, I did not find the glass carafe until four days after that, in a box marked "misc. liv. rm. pictures."

    Lie on your back, hug your knees, and slowly roll from side to side to massage your spine. That's what they tell us in Yoga class.

  3. Just think how much mischief you could get into in a crowded elevator if you had a tail.

  4. Better to have a tail than to own an ass I say. get one of those old man boards that turn you upside down--he's 80 and he feels GREAT! Even though his exclamatory jump only get's him 3 inches off the floor.

  5. not sure i want the tail, but i def would not mind getting into some of the stretches that my cat does...i bet that feels good...


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