Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Old Flame Rekindled

Old flames never die, they just fade away.  But now and then, re-sparked, they soar to heights unknown.  It doesn't really matter for just thinking, anticipating... hoping... is enough should nothing else happen.  But gosh, wouldn't it be great, wouldn't it be something if that old spark is still there?  I can hardly wait!

Friday Flash 55 at the G-man's

I'm really excited about this Independence Day weekend.  I've got a couple of backstage passes to the races in Daytona and I can't wait to get reconnected with an old flame who will be there.  It was really more like a firecracker than a flame.  You know, one of those explosive chemical attraction things.  But, be that as it may, I'm really looking forward to seeing Danni again and tipping one for old times sake.  Of course, I'll let you know what happens and will take lots of photos.  Until then, as the G-Man would say, have a kick-ass weekend.


  1. smiles...hope you have a blast...been to charlotte and bristol, but not daytona....and hey if danika happens to hook up with you, way to go...ha....

  2. Pssssst, Mr. C....
    Want a couple of those Blue pills?
    They're the 100's, not the 50's
    I'd like to hear the details of THAT pit stop
    Loved your Fantasy 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

    1. Overnight those suckers to Daytona International Speedway, c/o Mr. C, Richard Childress Racing. Thanks man.

  3. Old flames! Boy, what my wife doesn't know allows me to keep breathing.

    On a side note, my ten year-old daughter had to do a school project on important woman and was assigned Danika. We had to construct a display showing the very facets of her life which, of course, involved racing. When I Googled images of Danika though all I got was pictures of her in bikinis. Not that I minded in the least but I'm sure that is not what my daughter's teacher had in mind.

  4. Lol enjoy your weekend. Hope you don't get burned. ;-)

  5. I recently reconnected with my high school boy friend, my first love. No embers left and I'm still married to my one, but there is a lingering affection and it's nice to chat and catch up with him now and then.

  6. I'm all for checking on old flames and sparks, just to see...

    But I also remember what a comedian (Gallagher?) once said about remarrying an ex-wife: It is like going to your refrigerator on Thursday to drink some milk that was sour on Tuesday, and you expect it to taste good now.

  7. I hope you have a fantabulous time. Careful. A flame and gasoline can be a volatile mix.

  8. have a grand time, flames, fireworks or whatever it is that happens!! all good.

  9. So are you hinting that Dannica is your love child from many years ago?

  10. I just saw a picture of my old flame..he was 7 years younger than the picture he looks like my grandpa..I still break out laughing hysterically throughout the day.


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