Friday, June 14, 2013

Everybody Knows... A Waltz

The first time I saw her she was in the Downward Dog
My heart fell out and I thought I'd been hog-tied
Never felt this way before, like a ring through my nose
Couldn't say why and I pray it won't show
I'm in love I suppose
But everybody knows...
It was just camel toes

Friday Flash 55 at the G-Man's


  1. Sounds to me like someone is watching a yoga class with women wearing TOO tight yoga pants!

    I think YOU should start stretching, and do a little less ogling :)

    1. Hey, at my age ogling IS exercise! However, a memory of times gone by.

    2. Yes... so my father-in-law says :)

  2. snort....ha...
    ahem...never done that myself you know...
    but i know...err...ha...oh it will certainly strike you.


  3. Suddenly I have a hankerin for some Clams.
    And a Pink Taco or two.
    May I have a Cooter Biscuit please?
    Loved your constricted and puffy 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. You sure do have fun with these, don't you? But a waltz? I tried to imagine the proper waltz rhythm as I read, but I dunno; it worked better for me as a hillbilly rag. (With banjos and a washboard in the background.)

    1. OK, here we go... 1,2,3,1,2,3 the first time i saw her, she was in downward dog
      yeee haaa

  5. Maybe we could try several versions of this song: waltz, hillbilly rag, hip-hop, speed metal...

  6. Hahahaha...sounds like you're in lust.


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