Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blow Gabriel, Blow

The pretty young nun cried "Mother, I've been taken!"
While bathing the old Father my vows I've forsaken.
He said that I have the lock, and he has the key
And if you join them together then heaven we will see.
Shocked, the Mother Superior cried "Strumpet!"
The SOB told me it was Gabriel's trumpet! 


  1. hehe...and he is a blessed man watch those priests...they will get you confessing surely...

  2. Mr C....?
    You be a bit Randy ce soir ici...
    Merci mon ami!!!
    Loved your anti- Catholicism 55
    Say ten Hail Marys, then go and sin no more.
    Then go have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. Oh, that is a great one with a fine rhyming scheme! I meant to do one myself today--alas. Wait, tomorrow is Friday. I have time.

  4. Feeling a bit naughty today, are we? And in rhyme, no less! Great job, Mr. C.

  5. ...even the title is suggestive! You had fun with this one.

  6. Delightful little romp in the hay!!!

  7. This is just hilarious!

  8. Great to start reading 55's with a laugh. Great write.

  9. Funny as heel but nuns are not by my experience that stupid. little boys maybe but not nuns.


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