Friday, April 26, 2013

Cletus Ain't Like The Rest Of Us

Cletus ain’t like the rest of us.  Never got much schooling.  Only got to 5th grade. 
Travels light.  Don’t need stuff.  Never has.
Cletus ain’t quite right in the head.  Fell through the cracks.  Lives under a bridge. 
But now he’s growing old.  A soft bed, a hot meal, don’t seem so bad after all.

Cletus is a resident at a homeless shelter where he's learning to read and type.  He's in the computer lab twice a week when it's open and when it's not open he practices on a found keyboard.  He reads from a newspaper and envisions typing onto a computer screen.  From never touching a keyboard he's now up to 10 words a minute.  He's determined to get off of the street and have a place of his own.


  1. Power to him, trying to improve his life.

  2. Mr C...
    A very touching and uplifting post
    There's hope yet for the less fortunate
    Loved your very positive 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week End

  3. More power to Cletus. And thank God for these programs that enable the homeless and less fortunate to better themselves.

  4. thanks for this ray of hope and your clean, simple, and sensitive words.

  5. Cool that he practices on a keyboard when he's not in the lab.


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