Sunday, March 10, 2013

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

I stumbled onto this video on Boing Boing.  Do cats see optical illusions?

Here's the Illusion.  It's pretty self-explanatory.  (Click on the images for full size and full illusion.)

Here's the cat.

While there is no doubt that these illusions work, scientists haven't figured out why.  But it certainly adds credence to the old saw "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see."

Here's a few more.

Move your eyes around the image.  See the dots?

Move the image on the screen and see not only a 3-D image, but the hearts appear to move. 
Here's where you can find more:  Akiyoshi's Illusions


  1. oh that last one messes with my eyes....
    too funny that the cat can actually see it...think i might mess with my cat today and see what he sees...

  2. btw, you can fix your settings to not allow anonymous commenters without using the word verification.

    1. A couple of people have told me that so I'm giving it a try. I hate the word scramble thingy.

  3. Everything had the illusion for me except the hearts. What's wrong with my eyes that I didn't seeing them moving?

  4. This blows my mind...that a cat would "see" the same non-existent movement that we humans do.

  5. Those illusions are really cool. But now my eyes are spinning and I kan bearly tipe.

  6. A person could spend a long time on that site with the illusion that hardly any time has passed at all.

  7. I have an issue with my right eye, it prevents me from seeing most of the effects. It's a bummer.

  8. Those always make me a little queasy! But really interesting that a cat can see them, too.

  9. even blind in my left eye, when I first looked at them peripherally I saw the movement but if I looked at them directly the movement stopped.


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