Friday, December 7, 2012

Touchy Feely

The beautiful porn stars dance and writhe as licentious men press ever closer thrusting forward their fists full of money, their fantasies and lust to fulfill.   
A dollar to look, ten to touch, one-hundred to caress, but only twice.   
Any more, one-hundred more.   
After all, it’s all for charity.   
Doesn’t the end justify the means?

Friday Flash 55 at the G-Man’s


  1. Ha! Find it funny that no woman would pay to fondle a man's junk? Just saying...balls are ugly.

  2. I know this chick named Candy, that'l let you squeeze her tits
    for a pitcher of Bud Light.
    Nicely written Mr. C
    Loved yout titilating 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. does it? hmm....i dont know that i know an answer to that...where do we draw the line...and does it debase the girls....

    1. That's the dilemma isn't it? Gambling, tobacco, alcohol, they all produce "legitimate" revenue. But is it moral?

  4. Funny...and then not so much. Does the end justify the means? Nixon thought so, and so did Reagan (and probably most other politicians too). What's legal? What's moral? What's right? And why are these so different? hmmm...

  5. Good questions. But regardless of our own sense of morality, do we have the right to impose our standards on society? Obviously, in some instances, we do, as in when children are involved in some sort of debauchery. But grown adults acting of their own free will? Personally, I'd rather sing a song or bake a few cakes to raise money for charity, but to each his own.

  6. To each their own. No one is forcing those women to participate, at least I don't suppose so. She looks happy enough to let a strange man fondle her boobs.

  7. How much would it cost to catch the live performance of two girls, one cup?

  8. Doesn’t the end justify the means?

    Hell, if the hooker is pretty I'd say yeah. But I have no standards and questionable morals.

  9. To think, I coulda made a fortune in my day!

  10. hmm, another way to raise money for the nursing home

  11. Wierd. What charity would want to earn money that way? G'Man's comment is pretty funny too. I'm with Barbara, missed the boat!

  12. Porn stars are very giving. I know a bar maid who shows hers for free. Now, that's real charity.

    between you and me...

    Flash 55 - Wanted: Dead or Alive?

  13. I guess I'm becoming an old man. Different strokes for different folks and anything done between consenting adults in private but the public has a right to demand societal standards. Question is, which ones?

  14. No. If those men want to give money to charity fine, they can do it without participating in activities that degrade women. I see no gray area here.


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