Monday, January 16, 2012

Mr. C's "Advice For Men Only" Today's subject: Women's Chests

Once again Mr. C finds himself in the role of Father Advisor in his endless quest for enlightenment of the male of the species.  Today's lesson, women's chests.

Doesn't it really piss you off when a good looking dame comes strutting by in revealing clothing only to scowl at you if you dare to look?  It does me.  Ladies, if you don't want us men ogling, then cover that thing up.  You know as well as me that you dress that way to gain attention.  That's great and we love it, but don't start in with that phoney "What are you looking at?" baloney when you get it.

However, we all know that Dale Carnegie wouldn't approve of this message and he's right.  If the goal is to reach an objective, then you have to be smarter than the prey.  Here's an example.  Pay attention.

Now, that's how it's done guys.

Of course, there's always going to be some wimps out there (like a couple of characters AKA Punch and JJ) who will pander to the fairer sex and proclaim how sweet and innocent their motives are.  For them, I offer the following:

That's our lesson for today guys.  We know we're at a huge disadvantage in the "wiles" department so be alert.

Mr. C


  1. I once made a offhand and what I thought was a lighthearted joke about women's breasts to a lady I did not know was a feminist. Explaining what I said would take more room that I want to write in a comment but I will say the "joke" was not received well.

    My attitude since then has more or less screw'em if they can't take a joke and that guy laid out all the reasons. He is a hero to me.

  2. Guess I don't exactly "qualify" to comment today, but I'm gonna anyway. Of COURSE women who put 'em out there want you to look. They're lying through their teeth if they try to deny it. They just don't want you to KNOW they want you to look. Kinda like fishing with one of the big shiny lures. If you use one, you hope to catch a fish, right? If a woman uses her "lures", she's looking to catch attention. Period.

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    1. An honest mom. Her child will be well brought up, having learned to always be honest.

      BTW, the only way I can comment here is by clicking on the "Reply" button, as if I'm replying to a specific comment instead of the post. I don't know if this has to do with your blog or my computer, but I thought I should mention it.

    2. Hummm. Don't know about this reply thingy

  4. LOL!

    I've had issues replying to several blogs - I think it's a Blogger issue, not the blog or the computer.


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