Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney, Man Of The People

It always amuses me when political candidates present themselves as "friends" of the common man.  As people who care about the middle class and the erosion of the environment and public education.  I actually got a belly laugh the other night when Romney said there was no such thing as class warfare.

But still, I'm willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt and not reject them on first impressions.  I believe you can tell a lot about a person by where they live, by where their heart is.  After all, as the old saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Romney's Utah home.  Notice his concern for the environment.  How he's left the open spaces undisturbed.  Always a good sign.  Shows he's really concerned about the future and clean air and stuff.
Romney has left plenty of room for entertaining.  Probably for when he has open house for the "average man" to visit and share his problems and concerns.
I read recently where Romney has just purchased this house on the ocean in California for $12 million.  I also read where he has houses on the East coast and Florida as well.  I guess that's OK.  He probably wants to have a lot of open house days so that he can mix with the middle class and "feel" their pain.  But now he wants this house as well...

Enough is enough.  How many houses does one man need?


  1. I am old enough to remember his daddy. he was president and CEO of the American Motor Car Co. Chrysler wanted their Jeep division but Daddy said all or nothing so Chrysler a powerhouse of muscle at the time said *shrug* sure we'll take it all. The kept the Jeep division and closed and fired all of the rest of the employees of the other divisions. It is nice to see a son follow in his father's footsteps.

    His daddy was Governor of Mi too...this was before outsourcing was a word in the American lexicon but by todays standards he was a flaming communist but then he was an moderate republican tilted heavily in favor of business' that actually paid taxes.

    He wanted to be President too but unfortunately he produced his birth certificate and he was not born in the US. Where is Millard's birth certificate? He might have been born in brisBane AU.

  2. The pandering to the middle class makes me sick. And the awful thing is that those being pandered to believe that this man and the other Repubs really care about them when what they really care about is padding their pockets. I am sick of it all.

  3. Now, now, I'm sure he can relate to us little people. After all, I'm sure he has to wipe his own derriere. Maybe. I'm pretty sure ...

  4. Remember when McCain wasn't sure of the number of homes he owned? Maybe Romney will share his homes with the homeless when he is not using them. I am sure that's what he'll do.

  5. I have become fatalistic about American politics but figure that if the worst happens and Romney gets elected I will at least have the enjoyment of seeing a mass explosion of conservative heads as they watch in frustration as Mitt spins like a weather vane in the political winds.

    Needless to say I detest the ground he and his Chickenhawks sons walk.

  6. Now let's be fair. Of course Mitt Romney is a Man of the People. Remember, corporations are people. And those are the "people" of whom Romney is the man.

  7. Come on now. He needs a lot of homes for all the wives.

  8. Which is what I found out last night...his grandaddy fled to Mexico, where his daddy was born, to avoid prosecution in America for Polygamy.

  9. Dang! Looks like this guy is a shoe-in. A super-wealthy, born with silver spoon-in-mouth, son of a son of a polygamist, son of a corporate wrecking ball politician who believes the Indians are the lost tribe of Israel. What's not to like?


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