Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Holiday For Drunks. How About One For The Rest Of Us?

This thought crossed my mind some time ago and resurfaced over the weekend.  Why is New Year's Day a holiday?

I mean, if you take a look at all of the other Federal holidays, they each have a purpose:
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas, religious holidays;
  • Martin Luther King, civil rights,
  • Washington's Birthday, now President's Day, hero worship,
  • Memorial Day, once Armistice Day to celebrate the end of the War of Wars, WWI, now some vague tribute to those who fell in combat,
  • Independence Day, the birth of the nation,
  • Labor Day, celebrating the working stiff with an "extra" day off following the traditional last week in August vacation for most factory laborers.  Now, another vague holiday that almost no one knows the meaning of,
  • Columbus Day, celebrating the guy who didn't discover America,
  • Veteran's Day, another military salute (it always seemed to me that the veterans should have the day off while everyone else worked),
  • And lastly, New Year's Day.  A day off in celebration of the drunks who were late, hung over, or missed the day of work altogether from imbibing too much the night before.  Of course, it is now intrenched as the day to watch college football and not really a holiday at all since everything except government offices and banks are open for business.
It seems to me that there should be another national holiday.  One for the rest of us.

How about I Don't Give A Shit Day?  It could be on April 1st, April Fools Day.  The weather should be nice across most of the nation and it would be a good excuse for all kinds of parties with April Fools pranks and tricks.  A party simply for the sake of partying.

Sounds right to me.


  1. Isn't Good Friday a Federal holiday, too? And is Thanksgiving a religious holiday?

    Also, I think I would make I Don't Give A Shit Day April 20th. We could still have off for April Fool's day... don't get me wrong. But I always find myself in a supreme state of Not Giving A Shit on 4/20.

  2. Good Friday is not a Federal holiday and, if Thanksgiving isn't about giving thanks to some being then I'm at a loss. Seems a national referendum on the next Holiday is in order.

  3. How about I Don't Give A Shit Day?

    I thought President's Day served that function? Given the clowns that are running for the job on the republican side it how I feel.

  4. You've got a point BB. Maybe it should be What, Me Worry? Day.

  5. Woot! What a grand idea! You're a genius. Although the name might need some tweaking for it to gain acceptance nationally. And, of course, the drunks will appreciate in their usual style.

    Let's see. Did you leave out Easter? Do we all close up on Easter Monday? (Heathens forget.)

  6. Ummm. Easter is not a federal holiday. Maybe state holiday? But yes, a grand name. Any suggestions?

  7. We already have Festivus For The Rest Of Us.

  8. I would sign any petition that would make April 15 the official "I Don't Give a Shit Day."

    And of course, we need both Halloween and April 1st as national holidays.

  9. I'm with you on that one, and there could be a 'cant be arsed day' on the first monday of every month. The weather should be shocking everywhere and all the good films should be on TV. Every house would get a free crate of beer and some popcorn delivered.

  10. Holy Moses, Maddog is back! Good to hear from you Lad and I'm all in for the Can't be Arsed Day.

  11. I was going to call you an old curmudgeon at first. But then I read that you advocate a holiday just for the sake of a holiday.

    Wouldn't work here; the shops would still be open and Britain being a collection of countries where shopping is the new religion it would just mean an extra whole day for getting into debt. AND THEN you'd have to get drunk all over again! Just because you were such an idiot.

    Actually, now who's the curmudgeon. Must be my age.


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