Friday, November 4, 2011

A Love Song For The Ages... or is that Aged!


  1. HAR HAR HAR! Charleston, you're looking good there in that video, man.

  2. Just wait till it happens to us that is, if we're lucky and the alternative hasn't got us by the short and curlies.

  3. Too funny! Reminds me of a folk song I used to sing years ago, called "The Unfortunate Man."

    We went to a car show/ swap meet in Florida a couple weeks ago, and found something really cool for my husband's rat rod. (a 1930 Model A) A grill from a 1958 Mercedes. Should look super, shades of Chong's VW with the Rolls grill in the movie "Up in Smoke."

  4. I've had this thing laying around for quite some time because I want to learn the song. Groping for a post and uncovered it. I knew you would like it.

    Susan... I had a "58 Mercedes. An old 220S. That grill should look fine on a rat rod. Post photos.


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