Monday, November 14, 2011

Intelligent Design

I recently ran across something I first encountered while in college.  I remember how profoundly it affected me at the time and how it pretty much set the foundation for my spiritual beliefs, whatever they are.  If pressed, I would probably answer agnostic, but only because I am easily confused and the feeble attempts of most of the world's "great religions" only cloud the water further.  Regardless, the philosophical and mathematic "proofs" of a Prime Mover, Intelligent Design, God... call it what you will, are undeniable and worth a revisit if only for the all-encompassing beauty of it.

It's worthy of note that the Fibonacci Numbers referenced here were written in 1202 A.D. by Leonardo of Pisa. However, the first record of this equation goes even further back to early Indian mathematics related to Sanskrit. In other words, this has been around and understood an awfully long time, time enough, you would think, for us to have gotten our act together in some sort of cosmic harmony.



    As someone who has come close to being disowned several times by my Bible thumping relatives for not believing in organized religion to the point I have been called an atheist your post and this video expresses my belief in what you called a "Prime Mover."

  2. I decided many many years ago I did not need a word to define my belief structure. Matter of fact until you made me aware of this i could only explain it over a course of months to someone interested, now I can give the basic premise scientifically based that shows what I have "known" for decades. Thank You!

  3. I have the first part of The Sequence engraved on my iPad. Right under 42.

  4. Whatever one's personal beliefs, it's hard to ignore the amazing symmetry found in nature, (consider crystals)the incredible diversity of living things, and the phenomena of personality and thought. Although I still seek answers, I also find solace in accepting the fact that I have a finite mind in an infinite universe.

    By the way, I have an "award" for you on my blog today, should you choose to accept this challenge ...

  5. Well said all. Symmetry, symbiotic, simple perception... I think, therefore I Yam ...have inspired and confounded philosophers for as long as we know and certainly does me. St. Thomas Aquinas described God in the 11th Century as "A being greater than that which Man can imagine." That pretty much says it all.

  6. Any spiritual beef I had was never with what created us, but with those folks who would pretend to own all inside knowledge of what or who actually started it all. Your Aquinas quote pretty much covers it.

  7. The numbers are way beyond my comprehension, but I understand how they are related to an abundance of things. Amazing stuff. We are amazing.

  8. " spiritual beliefs, whatever they are."

    Hardly anyone expresses a doubt these days, so here's a refreshing statement.

    I've worked my way through various systems of belief until I am left with only reverence for The Lovely Mystery and respect for the Buddhist concept that our proper focus as humans should be on how to live.

    Isn't it beautiful, the Mystery? And, despite our fears for this era, It's still there.

    Thanks for this, Mr. C. And I like the change in your header. I would love to join you for that drink.

  9. I seems the one word that always accompanies exposure to the "Great Mystery" is, Amazing. An it is indeed.

    Thanks for the complement Nance. Felt it was time for a change, if only a small one. One of the Great Mysteries will be figuring out how to have that drink!

  10. Can't say that I feel apologetic for admitting to being agnostic.
    I can admit to seeing the beauty in patterns such as Fibonacci's without believing that a personal god created them.

    Miraculous, isn't it? The universe, I mean.

  11. Believer, agnostic, atheist, all are answers to a question I never ask myself, but nothing gets in the way of me being continually gobsmacked by this spectacular universe I might or might not be in.


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