Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama's Revenge

Yesterday I was in the doctor's office and happened to mention to the nurse that I was a guitarist. She asked, "Have you heard what happened to Gibson?" (Gibson Guitars, Inc.) "No, what?" I replied. "The IRS raided them and took all of their Rosewood," she said. "Why?" I asked. "Because they won't play ball with Obama," she elaborated. "They're a non-union shop and oppose his policies."

I let the subject drop for the moment but when I got home I Googled "Gibson" and "rosewood" to see what in the world she was talking about. It turns out that Gibson Guitars was raided by the government, but by the Justice Department, not the IRS. It seems that Gibson is guilty of buying protected Indian rosewood, the harvest and sale of which is illegal. The government claims that Gibson not only bought the endangered wood knowing it was illegal, but went so far as to send representatives to Madagascar to make arrangements for the illicit purchase with the unrecognized "government" who are harvesting and selling the wood in spite of international sanctions against it.

For those of you who may not know, rosewood is used in basically every guitar manufactured world-wide, as it's a favorite wood for use on fretboards and bridges. The other, even more rare, wood used is ebony. And you pay more for it.

You may ask yourself, as I did, how about the other guitar manufacturers? Why weren't they raided? The answer came from Charles Martin, Chair of Martin Guitar Co., who basically said they were offered the same deal by the Madagascans but refused because they knew it was illegal.

This is not the first time the Gibson factory has been raided. The first time was over two years ago, pre-Obama, during the Bush administration. So, I asked myself, where on earth did this woman get the idea that this event is somehow Obama's Revenge? How, or why, do people come up with this stuff?

A little more sleuthing and... you guessed it... Fox News. Fox News turned this whole thing into an editorial that laid the blame for this egregious violation of "Constitutional Rights" directly at the feet of Barak Obama.

Now here's the thing, Fox News is owned by... Rupert Murdoch, the demon butcher of Madison Avenue. Rupert Murdoch, an Australian, has done more to divide and harm our country than all of the Communist or Jihadist infiltrators combined.  

Why do we allow it?


  1. rupert gave up his australian citizenship to get involved in US media so he is not ours.

  2. Fair and balanced seem to have been redefined. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the traditional meanings of the words.

    Good sleuth work, Mr. C! Will you be going back to that same Doc?

  3. Just another toe length closer to the abyss where the environment will only sustain the pests and not the predators that control them. Who needs any fucking cherry or ebony trees anyway, we can always replace them with kudzu for it's environmental qualities.

  4. We allow it because most of the people are too lazy to check facts or already have their minds made up and are looking for lies to support their ideals. Fox is perfect for that--spouting lies to whip up hatred and malice. I was sent an email by a fellow I know and the email had all these reasons why President Obama is a racist based on what he wrote in his books. The email took things out of context, changed quotes from the book, and was wrong. I "snoped" it and sent him what I found. People do not want to think for themselves or see the truth. They just accept the worst about this President and gleefully look for more ways to trash him. What a disgusting bunch of lowlifes we have in this nation.

  5. Because Rupert Murdoch, the global press baron, is all powerful. I bet you he'll wriggle out of the scandal and illegal activities he and his whole News Corp. are embroiled in, slick as an eel.

    The British Government is afraid of him because his rag can win or lose elections for them.

    I'm not religious, but I'm praying . . . .

  6. What's frustrating is, I'll betcha that doctor's opinion wouldn't change, even if confronted with the truth. Like my mother-in-law once said, "Don't introduce logic into this conversation!"

  7. How, or why, do people come up with this stuff?

    One of my coworkers, an otherwise likeable guy, is convinced some sort of Arabic word for "infidel slave" is used in Obama's healthcare law. Now this coworker will not come out and say, at least around me, he believes Obama is Muslim but I think it is a safe assumption.

    With evil shits like Murdoch and gullible fools like that particular coworker I have very little faith this country can pull itself out of this increasingly steep decline.

  8. Do you think Bocephus plays Gibsons? Or maybe he is a gibbon. I don't know anymore.

  9. I'm sorry. This sort of shit makes me insane. That's why I do political posts only so often; it's too depressing. Of course, those are the posts that (by far) get the most hits. Oh well: somebody has to blog about poop.

  10. Murr, I just did a poop one (and dog poop, at that) a couple of weeks ago. Most comments ever on my blog.


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