Monday, September 19, 2011

Technology: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not So.

Some things give us hope.

Some things remind us it's hopeless.

It's a remote-controlled spy plane that can fly up to 400 feet above the ground, snoop quietly on wireless networks below and attack one if it wants to. 

Sorry, the embed code has been disabled, but here's the link:  ZOOM!  It's worth a look.


  1. U3-X is so cool! Of course, it helps to show two paperweight models in skinny jeans; there must be a weight limit. No, wait, there SHOULD be a weight limit. And they'll have to expand the size of the seat. Oh, dear, that's not the visual I want to keep.

    Okay, U3-X is so cool!

    And ZOOM! It has a soundtrack: Alan Parsons Project played in my head.

  2. Nance, you read my mind. I can just picture my mother, whose osteoporosis makes her lean anyway, hopping on the U3-X and just going around and around in circles....

    re: ZOOM - I never had any delusions that I had any privacy anyway.

  3. You gals are thinking like me. A couple of teenagers with impeccable balance. But still, a pretty cool device.

  4. I don't want to have to rely on something like that to move around. I want to be able to do a track stand on my bicycle (not move appreciably forward or backward without falling over.)

  5. U3-X is a bit ridiculous? Don't you think? Those inanely grinning girls would get wherever they're going faster on foot.

    As for privacy, what's that?

  6. Sweet Jesus!

    The spy plane makes me think this technology ain't worth it anymore and that I should head to the hills.

  7. well hell big brother has been watching us for years; now its little brother...holey shiz.

  8. look out, the u3x will be the next line of cars as we know it...


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