Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now You See It. Now You Don't.

Cleveland, along with a growing number of other cities nation-wide, is solving the foreclosed and abandoned housing problem once and for all, by removing them.

This video pretty much reflects what's happened to the American Dream.


  1. I don't understand, Mr. Charleston. WHY? Are these houses uninhabitable?
    Can't they remain housing stock?

  2. The argument is that by tearing them down it creates less stock and makes the remaining homes more valuable. Plus, a vacant house depresses a neighborhood and often harbors crminal activities. The housing market in this country went insane and there are tens of thousands of new homes that have never been occupied. However, these homes, the ones in this film, were once occupied by a family who could no longer afford them. It's sad.

  3. I read somewhere that, in Detroit, they are giving away homes to city employees like policemen and firemen. Brilliant!

    Somehow, I wasn't distressed by this article when I read it. History is full of fascinating and creatively adaptive solutions in times of unprecedented change. Some combination of the Detroit solution, the Cleveland solution, and mortgage forgiveness may aggregate to help us out of this problem. Other ideas worth trying include group homes for the able homeless and variations on the Habitat For Humanity theme. With luck, there'll be more solutions most of us can't even imagine.

    Simple thinking got us here (everyone should own a home); it will take really new ideas to get us out.

  4. Well said Nance. I'm one of those persons who become attached to a place and to be forced out of it, right or wrong, and then have it torn down would be pretty depressing.

  5. Nance sounds like a republican in sheep's clothing. Let's bring back the YMCA and the YWCA at least the christians will be in charge. That should make the Palin/Bachmann camp happy.

  6. Punch,

    I'm a liberal (both fiscally and socio-culturally), a Democratic activist, and an atheist. I can't even imagine what you read into my comment.

  7. Nance,

    I know that you are what you say you are, I read your blog. You are a thoughtful writer with a lot of experience regarding social issues et al.

    I tossed out that thought, quickly.

    I then relaxed, worked on my leaking roof a bit, solved that big issue, went to bed and god said “get up and go on line”. “(Ahem you seemed to have pissed off an atheist)”

    I said, ‘What? no shit, were they standing next to that wimp ass boy of you’rn? What they call him now? Jesus?’
    God said “No”,
    I said ‘what’?
    God said “you can do what you want”!
    I said ‘Ok, I, moi, pissed ‘em off? Let me guess, they were catholic, Baptist, Jehovah witness’s, Hare Krishna, Mormons, Greek Orthodox, Methodists, Episcopalians, Lutherans’.
    God said “shut the fuck up and listen, harrumph, SHE IS A ATHEIST”!
    I said ‘What? I pissed off an atheist’??
    God said “say what one more time, I dare you, I double dare, motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time”!
    I said ‘ok, alright settle down’.

    So here I am. I apologize for any offence given.
    The Cleveland solution? Sounds a lot like some ‘solutions’ from back in the day, Stalin and guys like that there. They all said, Put then all in one place and we can point at ‘em and say say ‘there are the dead beats, dads, drunks, whores, school teachers, bus drivers, union leaders, etc. Oh and they broke the crystal last night. Round ‘em up.

    I just foolin’ with ya here Nance. This enemy is evil, wicked, mean and nasty and they will use anything the can, against the righteous, falsely. Tearing down habitable structures, ‘cause some insurance company says it ‘don’t meet current code’ is just lame. LAME.
    So’s the bank can make more money, on not lending??
    And then ‘they’ get say go live in the homeless place that the socialist have given you.

    I watched “My Man Godfrey” ca. 1936, this past weekend. I recommend it. Carol Lombard is to live in a dump for.

    Peace and Love

  8. I have heard some foreclosed homes are having to be torn down across the nation because mold has set in making unhealthy for any future human habitation.

  9. The Detroit solution has had one taker so far and he was a member of the mayors body guard unit. They also are doing 100,000 dollars worth of upgrades to the house FOR him For Free to him.The other cops and firefighters who could get a house (and this guys house is in what used to be a very exclusive enclave in Detroit)are telling the city to eat shit, it's too dangerous here for them to want to maove back into the city at any cost or better said non cost.

    Tear em down, we have been doing it for thrity years all it does is fill the land fills.

    DECONSTRUCT THEM it gives people jobs, product to sell that people want (brick and 50 year old straight wood etc) but that is to smart of an approach.

  10. If I though this idea had a humane side, as it is being presented, I would be ok with it. ?That is, creates jobs, pump up the economy by lessing the supply, dofuckingdah. But the real fact is, it's about money in the bank's pockets, period. It's more economically feasible for the mortgage companies...IN MANY tear them down. They take the loss by way of a tax break. And then their other properties become more valuable. See? For the good of the economy and America my ass.

  11. Oh JJ you senical old fart you. But how true, how true.

  12. Senical??? I prefer to be a Cynical something or other. But I could be wrong.

  13. I'll be damned. Punch spelled a fancy word right! Cause for celebration.


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