Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wanted, Full-Body Condom

The Political Flow Chart

From the top, everyone below is a shithead.
From the bottom everyone above is an asshole.
Truth be told, they are probably both right,
there is a layer missing here.
The very bottom layer isn't represented.
You know, those who don't get shit on at all because
they are protected
by a giant taxpayer-funded full-body condom.
(You don't have to watch the whole thing to get the idea.)

I can't decide what is more upsetting, 
that the taxpayers are giving this guy
$500 a month to blow 
or wasting $22,000 a year on a scholarship 
which could be going to someone who deserves it.
This kind of crap is why the Tea Party exists.


  1. OH MY GOD!

    This is the reason I want to leave this country and go to some isolated island in the middle of an ocean. I figure St. Helena in the middle of the Atlantic will do.

    Maybe we do need the Chinese just to take over.

  2. This is precisely the kind of thing that gives credence to the teabaggers ranting. Of course the problem is, how do you separate this from the people who actually do need help? Take my mother-in-law (please). This is an elderly woman who lives alone. She has MS, and Addison's Disease. She CANNOT work, hell she can hardly walk. She is on disability, and recently applied for help with her rent from the county. My wife and I help as best we can, but we are limited in that ability. The conservative element in this country would have us do away with the entire program due to nitwits such as this.

  3. It is a delima JJ. But there's got to be a way to reach a sensible solution. Government officials need more authority to make yes and no decisions on a case by case basis and the frigging courts need to support them.

  4. You are always going to have someone who abuses the system. But the whole class doesn't have to get punished because one student didn't do his homework.

    Agreed on case by case basis.

  5. Susan... I am afraid thig guy represents the majority of the class. But I'll give him this, at least he knew what county he lives in.

    Punch... the Jewish mother you should have had.

  6. Holy birdcrap, this is STELLAR, Mr. C. No one has articulated my nasty mood the last two days quite so well as you've done here.

    Isn't it great to be appreciated for your strengths?


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