Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Story for America

The object of this post is to send you to another post, a great story about a small town gardner and an unintentional look at socialized medicine. You will enjoy it, trust me.

Friko's World


  1. Just returned from Friko's World before I came here! Sounds like they took great care of Gardener and, if he hexerts himself and hexercises adequately, he'll be around to charm us for a while longer. I'm already trying to figure out how to pop in at Friko's for a blogger meet-up.

  2. That's the point of this post Nance. They took care of Gardener just fine thank you very much. And with an evil socialized medical system no less.

  3. No arguments from me. My Norwegian family members are all well taken care of, thank you.

    I wonder if one of them has a spare room to let me....

  4. Hey, thanks Mr. Charleston, you didn't say you were going to give Friko's World a bit of a leg-up.

    To add to the post, I'd just like to say, that it would never occur to any of us over here, who might be in need of medical attention, that we wouldn't get it, and free at the point of delivery. If you are ill, you call an ambulance. Hereabouts, you get the First Responder first, within minutes; followed by the trained Paramedic and an ambulance. We live in the depths of the country, so, if matters are really urgent, as in the case of Gardener, you get the air ambulance to fly you to a specialist hospital, where you are treated instantly.

    It's not always as fast but not every call is as urgent.

    We also have a doctors' surgery in the village; you make an appointment to be seen within anything from one day to three; or there is the possibility to go to 'open surgery' if you can't wait that long, when you turn up on the day and wait for a slot.

    The good old NHS is creaking a bit at the seams, too many people living too long (a victim of it's own success) , and Cameron and the rest of his chinless public school boy elite would love to do it harm, but I think there'd be a revolution in this otherwise so phlegmatic little country.

  5. Thanks for directing us to that post. It was a joy to read.


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