Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Natural Order of Things - In 30 seconds or less

When we who pay for everything no longer have anything left with which to pay for everything, everything will stop.
Then, those who have everything will have to find a way to share it with those without anything in order to get everything going again or those without anything will do anything to get anything by taking anything from those who have everything until those who have everything no longer have everything.
Those without anything and those who have everything will eventually reach an equilibrium in which everyone has something.
However, some of those with something will never be satisfied with only their something and will begin to take from others with something until finally, they have everything.
And so it goes.
...Mr. Charleston, circa 2011


  1. And so the circle goes on and on and the US Government puts little colored lights on it and calls it a carnival that we all are fools for not enjoying. Hey the ticket is only equal to the sum total value of your actuarial tabulated worth.

  2. Hail, yeah! So everybody better watch out.

    I love it when you quote Vonnegut at us.

  3. To add to WM, the circle gets even more vicious when those who have, realize they have to go without cable tv or lattes so they blame the ones who don't own a tv and don't know what a latte is because they are too busy trying to avoid eviction. I firmly believe there will be a reckoning for those who have not shown kindness to those in true need.

  4. Well dude, they are about to get they planned. The vortex is spinning faster and faster and the motherfuckers are revving it up even more.

  5. So Nance, how did you know I love Vonnegut?

  6. That reminds me--one of my summer projects was to read some Vonnegut.

  7. Sadly the carousel we have going now is neither sacred, nor in jest....just full of indifferent greed. Making everyone dizzy with it. Could that be intentional?? Nah, not our society!

    If it's round and round I'd rather it be in a Ferrari at Nurburgring --- I'm just sayin'


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