Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GOD is DOG spelled backwards

He's a story to melt even the hardest of cockles.

By Jill Kasparie, Reporter

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – A community came together to grant a homeless man his last wish. That dying wish was to see his dog one more time. It was a simple request, but one that meant the world to him in his final days.

..."Yurt " used to live with a homeless Cedar Rapids man, 57-year-old Kevin McClain, in his car.  But a month ago he became ill with lung cancer.  Paramedics rushed him to Mercy Medical Center and later to Hospice House. Yurt went to the animal shelter.

“In the transition of moving him over from our ambulance cot to the bed, he told me, 'I have a dog,'” said Area Ambulance Service Paramedic Specialist Jan Erceg.

To grant the dying man's last wish, Erceg, who happens to also be a volunteer at the animal shelter, tracked down Yurt's new owners and arraigned for the reunion.  McClain died two days later. 

I've heard it said that without dogs, mankind might never have domesticated other animals and we would all still be living in Yurts.  But apart from all of the other things dogs give us, companionship is foremost and central.

The Bible says God created woman to be man's companion.  If that's so, he must have realized that he hadn't done such a hot job in the "compatible companion" department, and created dogs to make up for it.

After all, you know how the story goes;  If you want to know who loves you most, your dog or your wife, lock them both in the trunk of your car for 30 minutes and see who's happy to see you when you open it.


  1. Had it not been for the fortune of having a third party to intervene and connect...

  2. Very touching photo and story. Dogs are the most wonderful of creatures. Much better than we humans deserve.

  3. Oh, you unrepentant old misogynist, you. Why I always feel more amused than offended, I'll never know.

    Good story. Touching picture.

  4. I love my dog. And my dog growing up. Best dogs in the world. Thanks for that story, man.

  5. WM... there but for fortune

    Syd, Joshua... ditto

    Nance... LOL Hey, I post a caveat: CAUTION: Know all ye who enter here that nothing is sacred and most things in jest.

  6. "You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us."

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  7. Wonderful story and really funny joke at the end. Both lifted my spirits.


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