Thursday, April 21, 2011

Take A Break From "Ugly"

A couple of weeks ago the non-profit where I work sponsored a Plein Air.  I am told that Plein Air is French for "fresh air" but in this context it means "open air," as in artists painting in the open air.  In our particular case, 37 artists from around the region gathered at the Arboretum for three days and painted whatever inspired them.  The art was sold at a Saturday night gala to benefit both artist and non-profit.

By any measure, the event was a great success.  Beautiful weather, lots of new visitors to our fledgling Arboretum, a fun festival and gala where lots of art was sold.

If you're like me, you are fed up with bad news and politics and need a break.  Here's a few photos of the event that will, hopefully, give you a little respite from the Ugly.

Mr. C had to get into the act to see what a photographer could do.


  1. Yeah a break from the ugly. I could use that.

  2. Danke all. It's actually more peaceful for me to look at the photos than it was during the event, which kept me running.

  3. Great post, I always welcome a break from the bad news and politics.

  4. You live in paradise Mr. C. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. BB... thanks. me too
    Andrew... I guess you're right but it's a vignette in the middle of a big, noisy city.

  6. I only had one chance in my life to visit an arboretum, and it was one of the more delightful things I've done. I love the photos of the painters in nature... they blend so well together. The pic of the artist's palette is really nice. Sounds like a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. How cool Mr.C. Looks so peaceful and serene. Thank you for some light in what seems to be an un-ending sea of crap. I'd love to come to something like that.

  8. Beautiful. It's good to have these green sanctuaries in the midst of urbanity!

  9. Barbara... treat yourself and go again. There's certain to be one nearby.
    Punch... danke
    Steph... Good to hear from you old friend.
    Intelli... If you get a chance, you might scoot down to the Asheville Botanical Gardens, I hear it's pretty nice.


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