Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vaya con Dios Detroit

The Walking Man waxes poetic about it nearly every day, but nothing can really prepare you for the shock of one of the biggest tragedies in our nation's history... Detroit.  No war could have wreaked more havoc, more loss of life, more loss of dreams than capitalistic greed and governmental mismanagement has on what was once one of America's greatest cities.

A 60% loss of population in 25 years.  Jobs, livelihoods, generations torn asunder in pursuit of the bottom line.  I would rather deal with a tsunami, at least it has a face on it.


  1. That building in the opening shot is the old train depot. It was designed by the same architect who did NYC Grand Central Station, now it is a useless stripped out hulk owned by a billionaire name Matty Maroun who just lets it sit. and decay further so the property taxes go down in it. He owns about 2000 different properties in Detroit, very few of them habitable but they are his bank (besides his money) if Detroit ever comes back, buy low sell high.

    You also saw pictures of the Packard plant bo windows open walls.

    Chrysler plant (engine) machinery stripped out and left for the city to take into receivership for non payment of taxes after 6 years.

    What you didn't see is the 144 schools still full of books and desks and lab equipment fully supplied that were closed by simply locking the doors and leaving everything inside, Or Kronk gym where Tommy Hearns trained on his way to winning 5 titles now filled with water up to the level of the ring. with posters and cloves and bags, speed and punching still in place.

    Census figures came out yesterday 715,000 people from a peak population of 1.9 million just within the city.

    Historically I lay a lot of this on Henry Ford for bringing so many people here to try to get his five dollar a day pay (only about 1/8th got it though)then the other car companies came because this was where the labor was.

    You can buy a a 5000 sq ft mansion made of granite with hand carved wood and marble throughout up to 7 bedrooms 5 bathrooms in Detroit for 125,000 bucks but you had better come with some street sense and be ready to be taxed out your ass.

  2. Is there no bright light at all for dark Detroit?

  3. WM... I feel for you brother.

    Brett... ditto

    LGS... Apparently not. It seems as though every time there's a glimmer of hope something happens to squash it, the latest being the overall economy.

  4. Good post. Thank God for Mark as he continues to keep Detroit on the map with his blunt poetry on the decline of a city that once supported the entire nation. No one gives a shit about Detroit among the powers that be, but then they don't give a shit about anyone but their almighty power. This isn't a great time to be an American as we continue to be betrayed by all who claim to want to help us.

  5. Right on Susan. When you worship the dollar, nothing else matters.

  6. Yeah, I'm plenty pissed by the recent census as it shows that life isn't getting better for anyone who isn't making 6 figures, and the lower 6 figure workers may soon be ex-workers. I told my son that I hope he does better than we did, and he replied: No offense, Mama, but I hope I do too! I will have to sell my organs to get him through a year of college.

  7. Life here these days is clearly skewed against the majority.


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