Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good News For The Snow Birds

2010 Tied For The Hottest Year On Record!

OK, OK, just trying to make all of yous who are snowbound feel a little warmer.

According to NOAA:

"Analysis by NOAA's National Climatic Data Center reveals that the average land and ocean surface temperature for the planet tied with 2005 as the hottest on record (records began in 1880). The average global temperature was 0.62 deg C (1.12 deg F) above the 1971-2000 average. A separate analysis by NASA also confirms this ranking. While 0.62 deg C may seem trivial, that is just the global average. Some places were much warmer, some much cooler."

Here's the deal, it isn't only that the average global temperature is rising, but where it's rising most... the Arctic.  Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate adding massive amounts of fresh water to the oceans which will have an as-yet-unknown effect on marine biology and the massive weight shift is certain to have a geological effect as well.

Marine die-offs, volcanoes and earthquakes, tsunamis and yes, record storms, summer and winter, are the result.

Pay attention folks, this is real.

Now do you see why I drink martinis?


  1. Snow shove seems right to me. Like shove it, snow!

  2. I heard there was a connection between the Arctic melting and what's going on in Egypt. A guy who knows a guy I ran into down to the P.O. told me so. But since I read nothing about it on the Internet, I bet he's talking through his hat.

    On a more serious note - the politics stirred up by this really amaze me. You'd think we would all agree that spewing shit into the atmosphere is just not a good idea no matter what it may or may not be doing to the planet.

  3. Well you could look at it this way, three years ago they found the long sought after northwest passage because of the ice melt in the Arctic. Not so good for the polar bears but great for profit. Drink doubles from hence forward.

  4. Crum... Down in my neck of the woods all you have to do is walk into a Walmart parking lot in the middle of summer to figure out how much heat we're generating, much less CO2.

    WM... Every cloud has a silver lining. Double martinis that is.

  5. I think I will start the slippery slide to oblivion and start drinking. Maybe I won't notice the world falling apart.

  6. I'm not much for liquor, so maybe I'll upgrade from pints of beer to pitchers.

  7. LGS... I guess it's no so much not noticing the world falling apart, but caring less.

    Doug... Bravo. Although I'm seriously considering going back to pot.

  8. Glenn Beck says it all a jew bitch progressive plot to keep the masses shopping at walmart.

  9. Pretty obvious to me that global warming is causing a major loss in brain function among paleoconservatives.

    I'm gonna talk to my nerdy friend about guilding me a solar-powered fridge for the hard times ahead...

  10. Punch... he should know.

    Intelli... a guilded fridge? Is that something like a guilded cage?


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