Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Libertarians and Women's Rights... just another load of bull.

I remember when the modern Libertarian Party was formed.  At least, when they started fielding candidates on a national level.  I believe it was about the same time Lyndon Johnson was president.

At that time, Libertarianism was generally described as the advocacy of individual liberty, especially freedom of thought and action.  Then it morphed into what David Boaz describes as, "Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others" and that, "Libertarians defend each person's right to life, liberty, and property--rights that people have naturally, before governments are created."

Apart from outright thievery, there isn't much about political proponents that ticks me off more than outright hypocrisy.

For example, in the above definition, "each person's right to life, liberty, and property -- rights that people have naturally."  The right to property that people have "naturally"?  Good grief!  Since when did God become a landlord?  Here in a single sentence you are guaranteed the right to liberty; freedom from government control, and the right to property; which only government can bestow.

But for me, this is the show-stopper.

If you ask the typical Libertarian if government has a place in your intimate, private life, you will get a resounding "No"!

If you ask the typical Libertarian if abortion should be illegal, you will get a resounding "Yes"!


  1. The Connotations of Libertarian have certainly changed. Back in the day, when I thought of Libertarians, I thought of folks using shotguns to keep the cops away from their pot plants. Guys who told the cops - you serve the public, the public doesn't serve you.

  2. I agree. The wisdom of men just isn't. THere really cannot be full liberty which seeks all benefits but no responsibilities. And I agree that owning property certainly isn't a naturally occuring right.

  3. I think they should all just get back over to the library and do their jobs. What? Oh, never mind.

  4. Trish... yes indeed, they have changed.

    LGS... ditto

    Diane... you and Garrison Keillor think the private lives of librarians... oh, never mind.

  5. I dated a librarian, their private lives are...Oh. Never mind.

  6. Yeah, Libertarians and dialogue with them can be infuriating. Yet it's interesting...a co-worker who is a Libertarian is ironically one of the most generous people I know. God forbid the government has social service programs, but if something impacts someone's life, he is the first one to reach out and help financially and otherwise.

  7. Punch... No one, not me or anyone else who reads your blog, believes you ever dated a librarian. A Liberian yes, librarian, no.

    Gropie... Is he Mormon?

  8. Fuck 'em they can come for liberty lessons here.

  9. Not Mormon. ...And I might add, unlike other Libertarians I've come across, this one in particular will actually engage in dialogue with you about other political views. It's refreshing, even if no one changes his mind at the end of the day.

  10. Say, intelli, now that you mention it, she was also a libertine.
    Hell, I had to look that one up.
    Boy Howdy, did she ever give me a lesson in that section of the dewey decimal system.
    Mighty, Mercy Me. hum, huh, humnhhhh.
    Shut my mouth.
    Lick my chops.
    Slap my knee.

  11. OK, OK.. she was a Libertinian Liberian named Dewey. Hey, wait a minute, that's my dog's name. Punch you sob, I can always tell when you've been around, the garbage can's knocked over and my dog's knocked up!

  12. I think Libertarians are about minimal government, no victimless crimes, right to gun ownership, freedom, the constitution, bill of rights etc. beats the hell out of the dems or the Reps. Bush sucked Obama is presently sucking.


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