Monday, November 15, 2010

Enough of this mamby pamby bull shit . Here's the real deal... I guess


  1. Wow. I am impressed. Where did you come by this?

  2. I first saw this some time ago. If it's real, then lets go!

  3. Mamby Pamby a pretend land in a tv commercial, about lizards.
    Namby Pamby is a word in the English dictionary.

  4. JJ... me too, if it's real.

    Andrew... I'm with you, if...

    Punch... see above

  5. O.k, that is really cool and it certainly makes me hate our brainless leaders even more. You gotta know that "they" probably knew about this kind of solution for, like, ever. Stupid corrupt greedy sons of ........

  6. That is a big maybe, because plastic though it is based in crude there are additives added to it that convert the base crude to plastics. There has to be some off gassing or by products like say Benzyne that come from the reconversion process.

    I was asking my sons who are both engineers in different fields about this a few years ago and they both said...maybe soon but not yet on any meaningful scale and the emissions are still crude based even if they are reduced.

    Seems to me at the moment hydrogen is our best bet.

  7. Diane... You're certainly right about one thing, our brainless (re: greedy) leaders should be pouring resources into something like this instead of windmills.

    WM... I have the same suspicions. This thing looks like a giant bong to me. If it were this easy somebody would be doing it big time.

    Can't agree about hydrogen however. From everything I've read, it still takes more energy (re: carbon footprint) to produce it than it saves.

    It seems to me the answer is nuclear fusion and I believe the main reason we aren't pursuing it is Big Oil.

  8. It would work great in this country IF they can figure out a way for the people to get cash for plastic like they do for aluminum cans.


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