Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some People Just Flat Have It

Got these in an email and thought I would share.  They were created by artist Ray Villafane, who began carving pumpkins as a lark for his art students, but now...

Happy Halloween!


  1. Outstanding
    Kind of reminds me of all those "vampires" you posted a while back. Didn't you post some Vampires?

  2. Holy crap, those are amazing! I saw the Medusa/snakey one on a Food Network challenge. It's even cooler with the snakes hooked up to a motor and moving in and out of the skull.

    Also loved the "Predator" one and the unzipped one blows my mind!

  3. Punch and Heidi... like you, totally knocked out.'

    Trish... Yes, I did a vampire post and I'm still getting comments from nut cases telling why, or not, there aren't "really" vampires. Geeez.

  4. A few of these resemble how I must have looked at the end of some days I've had lately...

  5. Everyone of these is an exact expression of my mood and personality today.

  6. Pumpking carving has turned into some freakish art form, hasn't it Mr. C? Yesterday there was a show on the Food Network with people competing for 10,000 bucks first place in pumpking carving contest.

  7. Gropius... you and Walking Man should hook up and console each other.

    Barbara LGS... yes indeed.

    Bella.... beats bowling with turkeys

  8. Yes, yes, yes...Republicans, one and all.

    Seriously, I've seen this guy's work in past years. He is much like Michelangelo...he releases the faces from the pumpkins. Good stuff.


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