Friday, March 26, 2010

For Men Who Leave The Seat Up

Four Irish Catholic men and a woman are having coffee after Mass.

One of the men brags, "My son is a priest and when he walks into a room everyone calls him Father."

Another one says,  "Well now, my son is a Bishop and when he walks into a room people call him Your Grace."

The third man announces proudly, "Me eldest is a Cardinal and when he walks into a room people rise and call him Your Eminence."

The fourth man swells with pride and proclaims, "Hoot man, me son is the Pope, and people call him Your Holiness."

The woman sits quietly while all four men stare at her waiting for her reply.  After a moment she says,  "Well, my daughter is 24 years old, she's tall and slim, has double D breasts and an hour-glass waist and when she enters a room all the men stop talking and say... Oh my God!"


  1. Gosh, if that fourth man is the Pope's dad he must be exceptionally old. Or a time traveller.

  2. Great and funny post!

    But the angel really did it for me!

  3. Haha. I tried to anticipate the punchline, but failed. I was guessing it might be something along the lines of ‘Well now, my father is a priest/bishop etc…’

  4. Having COFFEE after Mass? Are you sure they were Irish?

  5. Awesome. Silly proud Irishmen! Coming from a family of Catholics, I've heard this a few times and man, I wish I could have been that daughter!

  6. Now you know why I like hanging out with God.

  7. haha this made me giggle and actually cringe when I read it. I wouldn't want to be the mother of the daughter relaying that story (as in, how the hell does SHE know?). Oh my..I've gone down the 'overthinking route' again, haven't I?


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