Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Future Is Now

The success of Avatar at the box office has created a lot of stir about 3-D television being the wave of the future. I remember my first 3-D motion picture experience. It was some sort of jungle film, maybe Tarzan. It was mid-1950s and filmed in black and white . I have a vivid memory of a spear landing in my popcorn. Yikes! It was great.
I recently ran across these three videos and tucked them away for future use. The future is now.
I believe you will find them as fascinating as I did.
SONY GADGET This gadget serves no useful purpose that I can tell but it does foretell the future. THE BIONIC MAN IS HERE


  1. Isn't science wonderful when it's used in this way. Great videos.

    I also remember my first 3-D experience, like you, way back in the 50s. It was at a Saturday morning kids show, we had cardboard glasses with red and blue lenses. We saw a 2 or 3 minute film shot from the front car of a roller coaster. I have never heard screams like it since. Great fun.

  2. I would not want a 3-D television at home. I would like a 3-D holographic unit at home, a la the Holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    The first 3-D movie I ever saw was the original Star Wars Trilogy, back to back to back. It was spectacular.


  3. Babs...don't invest a bunch in makin' myths, just ask Vincent Price.
    Holte E...sad childhood. Should have lived in the south, we had them by the dozen. wars back to back? Damn, Get out of the house, son. you are not broke, maybe broken.
    They are, broken for sure. Who in their right mind wants to sit in front of a TV and not move while someone jacks off into your face? Ok you might have a point.
    Ok Someone throws a frisbee to your dog.
    Beat's me. (bad choice of words)

  4. Not as fascinating as the thought of a spear landing in my popcorn while watching a movie.

  5. Just don't jack off while wearing the muscle suit. you may regret the increased forearm strength.

  6. I would like to thank my guest blogger, Punch, for responding to you all. I've been a tad busy and appreciate the help.

    Mo... you are so right. I've remembered that my entire life, I doubt I'll remember a gadget.

    WM... lol, good point.

  7. Aha, I was correct...Charleston and Punch are one and the same person. Is this why you wear the Panama Hat C?

    This is a much more important discovery than all this science hokum, people!

  8. I'm sure that you'd prefer some witty, high brow comment but all I have is this:
    The music to the Roll Up Computer made me think I was watching porn.

  9. JJ... you did it! You caught the Tater!

    JenJen... everything makes you think of porn.

  10. Laughing at walking man's comment.

    The roll up computer would not work for me, I'd probably grab my water bottle by mistake.
    The music motion robo is just plain dumb. It should sell really well.
    The muscle suit? Jury's still out on that one.


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