Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Termites: Signs of the Times

Even more proof we're done for, with a few points of light.

This guy has his bandana wrapped too tight.

No comment necessary.

WTF? Oh, I get it, the death clause.

Subversive, undercover agent.  (Click on image to see the guy in the middle)

Another subversive.

I have no fucking clue.

You can inherit it, marry it, or steal it.

At last, a good looking blonde.

Oh yeah, now we're talkin' double digit IQ

quel idiot


  1. I especially like "We can't all marry Liza Minelli", hahahaha.

  2. At first glance, I thought the first caption read, "This guy has his banana wrapped too tight." I suppose in this case that too is possible.

  3. banana? now that's funny! These cracked me up, you subversive moran! hahaha

    bansuppi is the word I had to verify with! oh the humanity!

  4. Banana, bandana, bansuppi, and Lisa... it's all good.


    Call to action brother. the above is the URL to the damn dog video. take a few minutes and forward to to the news agency of your choice.

  6. Anyone wondering what WM is talking about, go over to Theatre of the Absurd and check it out.

  7. "Keep Your Magic Panties Off My Wedding Cake" is a complex one to explain, but here it goes...

    In California, gay marriage was voted down. The Mormon church ran ads condemning gay marriage in the run up to the vote, so some people blame them. Mormons wear special underwear that will protect them upon Jesus' return. So, the sign is saying "keep your religion out of my marriage."

  8. How do you do Mr. Charleston, a very fine blog you have for yourself, as a matter of fact it's brilliant.

  9. Great collection - but I'm surprised you didn't know about the Mormons' underwear.

  10. I enjoyed this but I'm a little disappointed too. You see, I was reliably informed that we could all marry Liza Minelli if we filled in the appropriate application form.

    Have I just wasted 80c on a stamp I will never get benefit from?

  11. And here I was thinking "magic panties" were something the Peach Tart would own and blog about.

  12. All these people are eat up with the dumb ass. Really every day I realize how many stupid people we have in this country.

    Hey Mr. C., you and the walking man better quit spreading rumors about my magic panties.

  13. Peach, me and Walking Man know that everything about you is "magic"!

  14. I'm laughing, but I also want to vomit up my lunch.


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