Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Long Legged Mac Daddies

Another perspective:


  1. That video is some sorry bullshit. If the white people go into the neighborhoods of the black people with their NRA badges and guns, they will be greeted with return gunfire a la Tony Montana. This country is armed to the teeth; that is why we haven't been invaded. Imagine Iran coming to North Philly or the West Side of Chicago; their ass will be grass. Hell, they can go to Bucks County where all the rich white people live and get their behinds shot out from those LEGAL guns.

    I don't envy Obama. It seems he is getting blamed for everything, from the zit on a teenager's face to the banking crisis that he didn't cause. This guy on the video just kept saying the same thing without any qualification for his remarks. This world just gets dumber and that is really saying a lot.

  2. Agree... 100%
    This guy's just another whore trying to be the black Limbaugh.
    But it's a fun listen.

  3. White riot? wasn't that the original name of the band Quiet Riot?

    What an ass. But I did like that Baptist preacher hell fire and damnation for the nation sing song voice. I hope I was hollerin' Amen from the choir loft at the proper times.

  4. Wild in the streets. Jesus, that was excruciating. There are more dumbfucks in this country than even I thought.

    BTW EoR, Obama is responsible for my little one's pink eye...no doubt about it.

  5. This reminds me of that asshole on youtube that was saying "Obama's momma was trash"

    I agree with EotR pretty much every time I see her post something.


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