Friday, August 14, 2009

Blog Censorship

The world is flat. At least that's the way the internet presents itself, right? The ultimate platform of free speech and expression. Then what's all this crap about "owner approval" of your comments to a post? In order to be neighborly and enjoy some banter with a fellow blogger, on some sites you not only have to climb through some kind of monkey-bars code drill, but then you're informed that your comment has been submitted for "owner approval." Owner approval? Am I worthy? Can someone explain this?


  1. I understand the reasons but I have to agree, it is distressing to jump though the fire. I was just thinking about this before I came here Mr. C. One of these days i am going to copy and paste all of the word verifications I type in one day and make poetry out of them.


  2. I do the verification thing on blogger because I was getting LOTS of spam and they say using the verification cuts down on spam comments and it has.

    As far as the owner having to approve your comment prior to posting, that's lame.

    Is this because they don't want an opinion or comment different than their views? I mean if something is that offensive, you can simply delete the comment.

    I've had snarky comments occasionally or people that don't understand my magnificent sense of humor but I've never erased one yet.

    Perhaps these bloggers need to get a thicker skin.

  3. Say whatever you want on mine! I'm just grateful anyone takes the time to comment at all. Hehehe.

  4. Yes, guilty as charged--I commit the sin of approval. Why? Because I get more nuts on my blog who just want to get to me--I can deal with spam, I can even deal with people thinking my blog is a porn site, but simple meanness and petty attacks aren't going on my page. I've had men threaten my life, women claim that they were going to sue me (more than once), women claim they had sex with my husband, men tell me I'm a fucked up chick and my blogmates are sorry assholes--I grew sick of it. Some of it is because I've raised controversial issues in the past--gay marriage, which brought the fundy fascists out, other stuff that I don't remember, but it is pretty bad. Generally I print all comments because I think sorry assholes need to be exposed, and if it is me they want to attack, I get to read their fucking comment no matter what. However, I don't like it when some bloggers go after my readers--I've seen this (remember BBC, WM?) Most people just comment to have fun. Others are frustrated predators with pathetic lives; this is their only power. I can't be bothered with their messed up existence.

    I would always approve of you! I just haven't been blogging and only recently am I starting to make the rounds of my buds blogs. Walking Man, I shall be there!

  5. WM... can't wait for the poem. Want to see if you can make it intelligible.

    Peach, Heidi and Enemy... I suppose I'm not popular enough to attract spam. I'm still like Heidi, glad anyone stopped by. I suspected what has happened to Enemy was the problem. I guess I have no idea of the extent. I love it when people disagree with me and we can carry on a discussion about it... even if it usually involves inane humor, especially when Punch and JJ stop by.
    There should be a way to deal with this issue just as you would with an email spam filter or blocked site filter. Click on the offender and they are never allowed to post to your site again unless you take them off of the list.
    I may shortly experience some of the stuff Enemy has as I'm going to blog soon about my meeting with the president of the American Fascist Party, a nut case if there ever was one, but a good story. Stay tuned.

  6. Does this mean you are going to quit deleting my comments?

    Bring em on, mofos, is my motto.

  7. Hey, you're the deleted comment bandit. I remember Punch once giving you hell about it.

    But I'm like you JJ. Bring 'em on.

    However, I completely understand the women's point of view. Particularly those who publish their real names. It's a dangerous world out there. Always has been... but then, that's another blog.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. even if it usually involves inane humor, especially when Punch and JJ stop by.

    Kiss my ass, I'm with E of the R. you sorry ass, yeah that's the ticket, block your cheap sorry ass comments for foggin' up my clear thoughts and loving posts. The PeachT and her comedic wit are worth learning new words. Heidi is a delight to hear from, always. JJ and WalkingM go with out saying. Although they always have a good comment to say.

    Inane! inane means lacking in significiant meaning or point, well i'll have you know that trashing your trashing, of me, has a point of significiant meaning, I just can't recall it right now.
    Oh Yeah, bring 'em on, no that's not it, What was the point? oh yes humor, well, OK, a pair of jumper cables walk into a bar and order a drink. The bartender says ok, but don't start anything.

    See that is what makes your comment section so great! Being able to read, the succinct perspicacious wit of this on bringer.

  10. Perspicacious? Wow. 5 syllables...C, he use a 5 syllable word. Although I have no idea what sweat has to do with this post.

    Deleted MY OWN COMMENT, BECAUSE ONE CANNOT, cannot, EDIT ONE'S own if one needs to edit it, one HAS to post a new comment. I thought we had this point cleared up. Of course mr PUNCH, muddied the waters, and I don't mean in a blues sense, muddied the waters with his own muddiness, which apparently has muddied your muddy thinking. My apologies to Muddy Waters.

    The ladies SHOULD censor...for the un-muddy reasons you stated.

  11. EoR was/is getting a bunch of fascists and freaks because she never held anything back. And never required it of anyone until it got personal...I will admit I had some perverse pleasure in taking on the commenter she referred to.

  12. Just dropped in to see what WalkingM had to say, but man alive, your latest banner is like so, like YOU! I found myself making laughing noises out loud. My cat woke up from his stressless nap and looked to see what was up. Thanks for the morning laugh.


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