Friday, July 17, 2009

Mr. C's New Squeeze

The reasons I'm a gearhead.
Your get to rub elbows with the stars
You get to see the most fantastic cars.
You get to see them up close and personal.
There ain't nothing like the smell of ethanol in the morning.


  1. Personally if they won't let me drive it...I'll stay away from the stars.

  2. Mr. Charleston is that you with Ms. Danica Patrick? You rascal you.

  3. Walking Man... there are few things left on this earth that I would like to do more that take a few laps in one of these machines. However, I am also quite confident that not none of us could even get it out of first gear without wrecking it.

    Barbara and Peach... Yes, that is indeed Mr. Charleston posing with the hottest chick in motor racing. Unfortunately, I must confess, before one of those cretins Punch or JadedJ wades in, that it isn't the aforementioned Ms. Patrick but a life-sized replica. Oh well... sigh.

  4. Rubber. The smell of Rubber in the morning. Mixed with Ethanol. Yeah Buddy.

  5. Mr. C. they have insurance and I would take my dang chances at 300 mph.

  6. Cretins...did he say cretins? Rubber indeed, Punch. Punch, the only thing he is squeezing is of the blow up variety, which would be the smell of I'm told. And for you information "C", I never use cretins on my salad.

  7. Cretins? Did say cretins? I meant to say croûtons.


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